Nigerian Graduate Narrates How He Went From Struggling For Survival To Making Over N20m In 2023

A Nigerian tech enthusiast, Victory, has shared an inspiring story of advancement in financial status propelled by determination and zeal to learn.

The graduate said that he was struggling in school just few years ago but after he tapped into tech-related opportunities he became a millionaire within a year.

The young man took to Twitter and narrated the ups and downs of his journey in a bid to encourage people to never give up.

Victory wrote; From a broke Nigerian student. To building an Online Business that made over N20 Million in 2022. While bagging a First Class Honours 🏆 Here’s my story… with all the details revealed.

How student make money

Right from Year One, I knew two things. I wanted to finish with a First Class And I wanted to make money while in School. Clarity right from the onset was a major defining factor for me.

Back then, I was so broke I Never entered a fancy restaurant, cinema, or any place that even screamed comfort. All my funds went into survival, And when the funds ran out,

Garri quickly came to the rescue 😅 The Holidays came quickly, And I spent my time on two things; Working a 9-5 Job as a Primary school teacher (earning 7k per month), Studying most of my books for the next semester.

I finished this session with a GPA of 4.74, Started applying for Multiple Scholarships. While I kept studying And also working even during school session in a Network Marketing Company.

Selling Health products to Market women, bus drivers. Literally any adult that I could talk to on the streets. It was the most stressful work I’ve ever done in my life

I still cringe when I remember it, Worst past is that I wasn’t making up to 10k Monthly

Finally after several attempts I won, The Guinness Nigeria Plc scholarship (100k Yearly) 🥳 Paid tithe 10k and spent the rest Buying my first Laptop

Didn’t even get to enjoy a dime from the money. I still ended this session with a GPA of 4.84

Year 3, GPA 4.87, Joined a Mentorship Community (@TMentees). Started Learning Online Skills on Coursera and Udemy, Got lots of Certificates. That’s where I stumbled upon the Google Digital Skills for Africa.

The Beginning of my Interest in Online Marketing. Fortunately for me, Things were turning around for me; Won 2 More scholarships 🎖NNPC/Chevron scholarship 🎖MTN Foundation Scholarship

Invested most of the money into my Online Business (DM Merchandise) Where I sold phone accessories to fellow students. Also, Started Learning Facebook Advertising in 2020 So I could use Ads to promote my Business

I grew my business for a while, But quickly dropped it when I realised how lucrative the Facebook Advertising skill is 🔥

Year 4, I was now a Facebook Ads expert running Ads for Businesses. And hosting several trainings to teach others how to run Ads too Also won my 4th Scholarship. 🎖 Federal Government Scholarship

Most people would think I was lucky with these scholarships Far from that, I applied for more than 15 of them And won just 4

Most of my friends who did the same had 4 or more scholarships too. I finally left the school hostel and rented an apartment so I could focus more on My Online Business

Started missing a few classes, But always stayed updated and relied on smart friends to teach me things. Still finished with a 4.64 GPA

Year 5, Spent most of my time working on my Online Business. Read what I needed to maintain my grade, The idea was, Read little on the average day,

But go full force when it’s close to Tests or exams. I read with Smart friends, and it made things way easier 🙌 If you’re currently struggling with a 9-5 job or academics while trying to make more money

I totally understand cause I’ve been there But if you know what you want, Plan your time properly, keep the right circle and constantly work toward it, You’d get what you want 💪

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