Nigerian Democracy And The Many Demons

I welcome you all to May 29, our Democracy Day in our beloved country, Nigeria. The day Nigeria and Nigerians ushered in Democracy after a long military interregnum.

Many Nigerians fought relentlessly to ensure that Nigeria have what it is today refer to as ‘Democracy’ , many died in the process of the struggle. It was brutal struggle that saw many Nigerians incarcerated and subjected to inhuman treatment and harassment and some Nigerians who the military had penned down for assassination took to their heels and fled the country for the fear of the unknown. The man at the helm of affair at that time was a no-nonsense man ever ready to crush any dissenting voice in the the country even generals tremble at his presence. Those who tasted the koboko of Abacha’s men are very much around today ask Professor Wole Soyinka why he fled the country at the time he did,he will tell you about the brutish nature of Abacha if you are not convinced by his story please ask Baba Shonekan when Abacha show am that small black iron omo!! Abacha’s era no be joke oooo.

These are wickedness that characterized the aftermath of June 12 election. The people came out to protest the annulled presidential election and to ensure MKO Abiola was declared as the authentic winner of June 12. The election was free and fair even local and international election observers had adjudged it to be the freest election in the annals of our political history.

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Many political analysts and those who fought for the return of Democracy during the Abacha’s era has critized May 29 as the chosen day for Democracy Day as against June 12 who many believed should be the day of the year where Nigerians at home and abroad should celebrate as Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity and religion persuasion come together to vote for a man who they believed would rescue them from the clutch of hunger, insecurity, economic quagmire and reposition our dear country, Nigeria for greatness among the comity of nations. That lofty hopes were dashed by general Babangida and his cohorts. The political Demons in our polity has ensured May 29 is substituted for June 12, our political demons are so crazy in our own Democracy that they ensure the masses remain in abject poverty, they make sure Nigerians ply a death-trap roads, they force masses to go schools where their children or wards cannot attend they know that such are not conducive for learning, the schools lack necessary equipment that are available in other climes. In Nigeria you will find minister of education who preside over schools he never wish for his children. Our political elites prefer to take their children to abroad to schools. Thousands of Nigerians are schooling in UK and USA and the masses are expecting miracle to happen in our educational sectors. And every four years they come to brainwash the masses telling them how to revive the educational sectors without a clear-cut policy because the masses enjoy the peanut the politicians give to them during electioneering campaign.

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These demons in sheep clothing must be confronted they have deceived you for long, the Nigerians must demand for the dividend of democracy such good road, security. Being overtly religious and hypocritical will not help you out because God want sincerity, honesty HE has given you all you need to take destiny by your from the political demons calling themselves politicians. The youths must not allow religion, ethnicity which has always be the bane of the development in Nigeria to colour our sense of judgment. Our youths must eschew violence. Do not allow politicians to use you to foment trouble in the society. Youth must join politics to effect real change in the society because we know most our nationalists started as youths. You must take your tell destiny into hands . The time has come for the youths to determine their future , Nigerian youths must come out of their shell of complacency and chart the path of greatness by taking leadership position.

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Written by:
Political Analyst, Songwriter, A part 4 student of Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty of Technology, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,Osun State.

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