Nico Batum Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Wife, Children

Nico Batum Biography, Age, Net Worth, Height, Parents, Wife, Children – French basketball player Nico Batum plays professionally for the National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers.

Nico Batum won a silver medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and is also a part of the French national squad.

Despite never having won an NBA title, Nicolas Batum had a significant impact on his teams. According to Paul Garcia of, Batum is now scheduled to start for the 76ers against the Spurs.


Name: Nicolas Batum
Date of Birth: December 14, 1988
Wife: Aurélie Batum
Nationality: French
Occupation: Basketball player
Net Worth: $110 million

Nico Batum Biography

Nicolas Batum, a French professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers, was born on December 14, 1988. He won a silver medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo and is also a part of the French national squad.

Nico Batum Nationality

Born in Lisieux, France, Nico Batum is French.

Where is Nico Batum from?

Nico Batum is from Lisieux a commune in the Calvados department in the Normandy region in northwestern France. It is the capital of the Pays d’Auge area, which is characterized by valleys and hedged farmland.

Nico Batum Age

How old is Nico Batum? Born on December 14, 1988, Nico Batum is 35 years

Nico Batum Height & Weight

Nico Batum stands 2.03 m tall and weighs 91 kg

Nico Batum Family & Siblings

Nicolas Batum Parents are late Richard Batum and Sylvie Batum. Richard, his Cameroonian-born father, played basketball professionally in France. After having an aneurysm in 1991, Richard passed away during a game. He watched his father collapse and die at 30, his 1st childhood memory. He is known to have a sister.

Why is Nico Batum famous?

Nico Batum is famous as one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA.

Last season, he averaged 2.1 deflections and 5.4 contested shots per game. Additionally, he also had a steal percentage of 24.6 and a block percentage of 27.6 on a defensive rating of 109.8.

Nico Batum Career

Richard, his Cameroonian-born father, played basketball professionally in France. After having an aneurysm in 1991, Richard passed away during a game. Nicolas, who was just two and a half years old, was present in the crowd when Richard passed away.

At the 2007 Nike Hoop Summit, Batum put on an outstanding display, scoring 23 points (9/13 FG, 3/5 on three-pointers) in just 28 minutes. In addition, he pulled down four rebounds and scored four thefts.

When Nicolas Batum entered the 2008 NBA draft, he was ranked #17 among international players born in 1988 by the scouting website, indicating that he was one of the most gifted young players in Europe.

Batum, who is lanky and nimble, is considered one of the NBA’s top chase-down blockers and a skilled defensive defender. The lanky Batum started his basketball career as a center and was among the tallest guys in his age group while growing up in Pont-l’Évêque, Normandy. NBA shot-blocking specialist Dikembe Mutombo, who was renowned for theatrically waving his finger in response to rejections, served as an inspiration for Batum.

In a 2013 interview with the Portland Oregonian, Batum stated that he was shifted from the low post to the wing as he grew older because he could no longer perform h is characteristic face-up block. “I couldn’t block it as I used to when I played inside, so when I would see a guy going down the court on a fast break, I used to run behind him and get the block”.

As a result, Batum’s chase-down block became an essential component of his game and followed him to the NBA. Only two players from the 2012–13 campaign who did not play center or power forward had more blocks than Batum as of March 2013. They were Josh Smith and Kevin Durant.

Game four of the 2021 NBA playoffs saw Batum start at center for the Los Angeles Clippers against the Dallas Mavericks on May 31, 2021. In exchange for James Harden, P. J. Tucker, and Filip Petrušev, the Philadelphia 76ers received Batum, Marcus Morris Sr., Kenyon Martin Jr., and Robert Covington from the Clippers on November 1, 2023.

The Clippers sent a pick swap and financial considerations to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for the 76ers receiving two first-round picks, a pick swap, and cash considerations. In March 2017, Batum assumed the role of director of basketball operations at ASVEL Basket and became a shareholder in Tony Parker’s business, Infinity Nine Sports, which manages the French basketball team.


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Nico Batum Wife

Nicolas Batum is married to his long-time girlfriend Aurelie Batum.

Nicolas’ wife Lily Batum responded to the query by citing her husband’s outstanding performance from Wednesday night. To save the Sixers from having to play an elimination game on Friday night, Batum played his greatest performance of the year. He played 28 minutes off the bench, scoring 20 points and going 6 of 10 from three-point shooting.

Nico Batum Children

Nicolas Batum has two kids, a seven-year-old boy named Ayden Richard Batum and a three-year-old girl, Nayeli Batum.

Nico Batum Net Worth

Nicholas Batum has an estimated net worth to be $110 million


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