New Dad, Adeniyi Johnson, overjoyed as he sets date for twins birth celebration

Nollywood actor and father of twins, Adeniyi Johnson has revealed the date for his children’s grand party.

The actor, who welcomed his twins in late February, disclosed that his children’s party would come up on the 30th of April 2023.

Adeniyi Johnson disclosed the date on his Instagram page when he was appreciating his colleagues for their kind gestures towards the big day.

Niyi Johnson used the hashtag to reveal the date of the event is tagged a celebration of Joy.

“Good morning, friends and family … Shall we begin??.. You, people, are simply awesome… #celebrationjoy #twinsparty #Apri30th.”

Seyi Edun and Adeniyi Johnson proudly show off their twins as they clock 41 days

Some days back, Seyi Edun and Niyi Johnson thrilled their followers h photos of their family, which include their twins, to mark their 41st day of birth.

Seyi Edun and Niyi Johnson accompanied the photos with a grateful message to God for the new life added to their family.

She wrote on Instagram, “Happy 41 days old to us. Thank you, Lord, for this new life. We praise and thank You for Your good and perfect creation.

Thank u, mummy @dreamlandevent, for the shoot.

Adeniyi Johnson brags about his twin babies

In another post, Adeniyi Johnson bragged about his twins, Ayomikun and Ayomiposi, who looked like him.

Niyi Johnson made this statement under the comment of one of his colleagues, Ayobami Oyinkan Ojo, who claimed that the babies look like her.

The actress shared one of the photos shared by the couple on Instagram, with a cheery note on how the babies look like her.

“Guess who looks like me, Taiwo or Kehinde the smile from iya ibeji and baba ibeji is everything.”

Adeniyi Johnson countered the claims and claimed that his babies looked like him.

He wrote, “They both look like me, and you know it.”

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