Netizens Express Displeasure as Seyi Makinde’s Daughter Finishes American University

Netizens express their displeasure with Governor Seyi Makinde for sharing that his daughter graduated from an American university.

Many online users did not hold back on their opinions and took to share their sentiments via the comment section of the post where the graduation was announced.

Some believe that as a serving governor who has universities in his state, it should be a thing of embarrassment for him to publicly share that his daughter finished from a foreign university.

One particular user, mr_sofftt, holds the opinion that it simply means that Seyi Makinde cannot properly take care of the universities in his state and that is why his daughter had to seek education out of the country.

In his words;

“As a governor of a state, coming publicly to tell Nigerians his daughter is graduating from a foreign university. So obviously he is announcing to the world that the universities under his care as a state governor is not good enough.”

See the post below

Here are some reactions to the post

chi.ka1985blog agreed: “None of dem kids graduated in Nigeria yet we haven’t waken up as a citizen….. the day we stop voting incompetent politicians then our country will be good again”

bhee_chee asked: “You think it’s coconut heads that get admission to Yale? She was probably intelligent enough to get in. Had nothing to do with who her father is or whether the schools in IMO state are good or not”

olamat.pash wrote: “But this man children has been outside the country before becoming governor nah, Why people dey bash am 😂”

brendanukagod__ replied: “I’m curious to know the exact reason politicians children don’t study here in Nigeria including the private universities”

nourish_valid advised: “Anywhere your money say make u school who are you to question them?? 😂😂😂 how much dey ur account were u dey ask rich man that question 😂” commented: “If you talk now, his supporters will say, “he has got the money before he became a governor ” let me just congratulate her”

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