Neighbour Living Below Russia’s Heaviest Woman Scared That The House Will Collapse (Photos)

An 87-year-old woman living below Russia’s heaviest woman is terrified the ceiling will collapse on her. Natalia Rudenko, who reportedly weights over 47 stone, says the old apartment block in the city of Volgograd in southern Russia is unsafe generally.

Rudenko outed herself as the largest woman in the country on Russian TV show Let Them Talk.

Images show the ceilings of Galina Klimova’s apartment are already showing the strain, with peeling plaster and rotting floorboards exposed in multiple places.

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Klimova said: “Every time Natalia takes a bath, water spills on the floor and we see it dripping down our walls.”

“The ceiling in our bathroom and toilet is always damp. Parts of it have already started to fall and one piece nearly hit my three-year-old grandson.”

“We hear her footsteps and they make our ceiling creak terribly, we genuinely fear that one day the ceiling will collapse under her weightand she will land on us.”

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Images of Klimova’s bathroom and lavatory show the seriously deteriorated state of the ceilings.
Commenting on the matter, 36-year-old Rudenko said: “Our apartment block is decrepit and unsafe to live in.”

Rudenko got married when she was 19 years old and weighed 23 stone.

She became pregnant but her weight caused a miscarriage.

After she lost her unborn baby, her husband divorced her.

Rudenko is now engaged again, and has been offered a gastric band stomach operation in order to help her lose the excess pounds.

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