Native Doctor Punishes Teenager Who Asked Him To Use Family Member For Money Rituals (Video)

A native doctor has been captured on tape punishing a young boy who visited him with the intention of using a member of his family for money rituals.

The traditionalist asked him to kneel down and he flogged the boy’s head with an unidentified fetish object.

He warned the youth to desist from thinking of using either his father, mother or siblings to do blood money, and placed a curse that if he should do such in the future he would die.

The God-fearing traditionalist also warned that he should not visit any other native doctor for the same ritual purposes.

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In a video which has gone viral, he instructed the young boy to repeat after him everything he said, word-for-word which was that he would never have such thought again.

He then asked him to stand up and stretch out his hand, after which he repeated the same curse and gave him a powdered substance to lick. Meanwhile, the person who was recording them could be heard laughing in the background.

Watch the video below:

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