Na You Mumu Oh! – Instagram Influencer, Papaya Mocks Her Ex Who Regretted Not Sleeping With Her After Spending Lavishly

Instagram Influencer, Abike Arab Money aka Papaya Ex, has sent a diss response to her ex-boyfriend, Toblad who recently cried out about not enjoying anything before their relationship ended.

He had claimed that they dated for two years and never for once did he take her to bed as there was always something preventing that from happening.

The young man made the revelation in a series of posts on his Instagram as he narrated what led to them splitting and how she hired soldiers to assault him.

In response, Papaya Ex noted that it was not her fault ashe’s the one who decided to act dumb and naive.

She sent her reply to the ex while she was clubbing with her sister and friend, and all of them repeatedly sang; “Na you mumu ohh”

Watch the video below:

It may be recalled that Toblad said that they got into a relationship in 2021, when they were still dating, he decided to change the car she was using to to a new one.

The entrepreneur said he and the auto dealer talked about a 2014 model Mercedes Benz ML350 which cost N9 million.

He said that he offered to pay a part of the cash while she brings the remaining after some time but Papaya chose to pay in full.

Toblad said that when she returned from a trip to Ghana where she had supposedly gone to see a man, she changed her mind about the car and went back to the dealer to collect the money back.

But the owner of the dealership refused to refund the money, saying that they cannot have it back. This caused a squabble between Papaya and Toblad and according to him, she began giving him some attitude.

He said that she eventually sent soldiers to beat him up and what he regretted the most about their relationship was that he never took her to bed.

Toblad wrote; “Omo na me soldier beat o! So if I de vex I know why he de para me now!!! girl use SOLDIER beat me cause of LOVE….. Omo see you tomorrow.

Before God and man Oloun Wetin pain pass for this matter why I talk m na say I no see that KELE nack! And no be so all those times she was fasting na Ramadan time! She girl wey be say during Ramadan I de lodge m for Eko Signature Enh…..

But I gas respect God ok wait make I show una video and date and go back to 2 years ago and check Ramadan if Ramadan no de that time… PAPAYA IYA OBO NISIN YIN NA SARA FOR ME!! “SMALL T” wey you de call me then don yawerey gan he don turn. Masoroju”

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