My Husband Permitted Another Man To Sleep With Me – Woman Reveals

A 48-year-old trader, Mrs. Musilimat Olasuyi has begged an Igando Customary Court in Lagos, to dissolve her five-year-marriage, after she revealed that her husband, Oluwagbemiga, permitted another man to sleep with her in their matrimonial home.

She said that the man made love to her in her matrimonial home with her husband’s approval.

“It was not my fault.

“ I did not voluntarily submit myself but the man in question charmed me to make love to me with my husband’s agreement all because of his selfish ambition,” she said.

She further said that her husband threw her belongings from her matrimonial home during which the money she kept in the house (over N800,000) was stolen.

“I went to the hospital to take care of my daughter from my first marriage, who suffered from a gas explosion.

“There, I was told that my husband came with some boys to our matrimonial home to pack all my belongings outside.

“After some days; I came home and I discovered that all my boxes and bags had been ransacked; some were missing and my money was stolen.

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“My jewellery valued at N250, 000 and the N250, 000 was given to me by my son-in-law to start the construction works on his landed property close to us were missing.

“Also, N100,000 for my customer’s cassava (garri), N250,000 being our mosque’s money kept in my custody and N30,000 my trading money got missing.’’

Musilimat submitted a written petition to the court seeking redress and judicial actions against her husband.

She demanded to know if it was proper for her belongings to be thrown out of her matrimonial home without permission from the court.

She also demanded to know if her husband would not be liable for the cost of her lost money and property.

She prayed the court to dissolve her marriage, saying she no longer loved her husband.

The husband however, has accussed his wife of infidelity.

“My wife does not have respect for her marriage vow, she makes love to her concubine on our matrimonial bed.”

The 55-year-old sand supplier also accused his wife of being fetish.

“My wife is diabolical, she comes home with different charms and objects; she gave me a soap on nine consecutive times to bath with.”

He explained that he had given her (his wife) a three month quit notice, but she refused to leave.

“I gave her a quit notice to leave my house; she told me to do my worse that she was going nowhere.

“So, I do not have any other option than to pack her things out from my house,” he said.

The respondent consented to the dissolution of marriage, saying the love between the two of them had long faded.

Responding to Musilimat’s petition, the court’s president, Mr. Akin Akinniyi, said that it was wrong in a valid marriage for a husband to pack out his wife’s belongings from their matrimonial home.

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“It is legally wrong for a man to throw out his wife’s property.

“The respondent should have requested for the return of the dowry he paid on the wife from the wife’s parents.

“Better still, he should have sought the dissolution of the marriage at the court of law before such an action could take place.

“The husband should have rented another apartment for the petitioner and the child since he does not want her again.

“He should have moved her belongings there for safe custody, before the petitioner’s return.

“The husband will be responsible for any cost of missing valuables and the wife is entitled to compensation,’’ he said.

Akinniyi adjourned the case until April 26 for judgment.

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