My girlfriend doesn’t talk to me, even if she comes online. What should I do?

She is obliged by your love because she knows you love her so much but she doesn’t. And that is why she is not telling you anything or asking you anything lately .

She might have lost her interest in you that is why it is likely to be ignoring you. She might have lost her excitement with you. She might got bore being with same old thing which as ordinary as earlier. She just wants to hold you there hurting you not by telling the truth but by the silence.

When we were little , we were given new new toys . And we always had a favourite toy among them, it was very dearer to us at the beginning we play, we sleep and go out to play with our favourite toy in hand and when it gets old we asked for new one because we were bored and losing our interest playing with the same one lots of different games and making story of hero fights that favourite one has fought with neighbours friends toys. There is no more fightings and no more friendships. No more play. Now we put it in the showcase untouched for long. And when you’re bored again , remembers old game and take it out for a moment and put it back.

This happens when somebody lose interest in someone. To get her attention, if there’s left something that if she has not found something more interesting than you. Don’t waste your time. Text her, call her with the same excitement that you had when you met her. Show her you didn’t get old , show her you’re the same even with more hidden surprises that she has to seek and make her feel something more than before that she has never been through such things before. Meet her in person, go for date.

Eventually if your relationship become same as before, ask her straight why she has been distracted, what’s the problem. Hope she will love you more . Good luck

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