My Depression Worsen After I Slept With My Therapist – Omah Lay Reveals

Celebrated Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer, Omah Lay has revealed that he had been really depressed adding that he worsened his case after having se3ual intercourse with his therapist who was supposed to help him deal with his depression.

According to the hitmaker, all the people he used to look up to, turned their back on him when he needed them most which caused him to lose confidence in himself as well as his own identity and self-image.

As if that was not enough, he ended up sleeping with the therapist he had acquired to help him sail through the storm he was facing at that point in his life.

“My depression became worse after I knack my therapist… People I use to look up to stopped showing me love, I looked at people in the eye and saw doubt, disrespect, and hate on G I lost myself, maybe I was just overthinking I don’t know… My babe serve me breakfast for midnight I wan craze.”

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