Moment Vigilante Forces Suspected Yahoo Boy To Eat ‘Bowl of Sacrifice’ He Was Caught With (Watch Video)

Members of a community vigilante group apprehended a man suspected of being into Yahoo Plus, which entails engaging in ritual practices.

He was said to have been caught while he was parading the area at night with a bowl containing sacrifice and they forced him to eat its content.

A video which surfaced online shows the suspect on his knees begging as the vigilante men were ordering him to consume the fetish substance in the bowl.

He began to reluctantly eat what was inside while still pleading with them to be lenient as it seems they wanted to also beat him.

Social media users were not in support of what the vigilante group asked him to do and they questioned whether he actually committed a crime.

Watch the video below

itzfash_; But wait oo, is it a crime to serve a certain god in Nigeria? I don’t understand the crime he committed?

fawazskibii; Make una vigilantee come try and for ijebu una blood go dry when be say no be body part dey Inside the bowl of the sacrifice it might not be yahoo oo and una dey do rubbish every single thing like this na yahoo make them transfer those vigilante to ijebu abegi

hajji_idris; Omo why is that they label everybody as yahoo boy, to carry sacrifice now don turn war again, na the guy na mumu now. U go tell me where e de for constitution say I no fit do any kind of religion wey I want

yhungkent; Why you go dey beat me say I dey carry out my religion and believe,shey na you go tell me religion wey I go follow

sir_coded019; To justify the wrong treatment they gave the guy , they added yahoo boy to his name . What if what they forcing him to eat is not something to be consumed.

tee_bwy; The only offenders in our country now is yahoo boys, it’s just kind of tiring seeing all this every time. Every Armed robbers, assassins, kidnappers, and politicians doing rituals now are now yahoo boys. Even when people go mad on the streets they are yahoo boys. Everything is now attached to Yahoo. People are not paying attention to the problems of this country, almost all youth and professionals in the country has all left in search of a greener pasture, I’m sure we can as well linked that to yahoo too. Even in the Bible they did performed rituals to God during the old testaments and I believed some people in Israel still practice the old religion.

stanmanial; All this people recording this video will meet jam àgbákò…awon weyrey, those people wey dey spray white corn and bean for midnight u no dey see dem abi

stec007; Pure hate In Nigerians, any small thing Yahoo. This hate on yahoo much oh! Kilode

hor_la_mhe; I swear vigilante go still escort u or watch for u cus even u no do yahoo gan self dis normal life self need sacrifice 😂😂😂😂

earlyman10; Well except when he makes d sacrifice finish for ur area then u Be won go work early Momo then u see the sacrifice and d thing fap ur destiny real quick. Na then u go know say life no balance. Dey talk rubbish

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