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Moment Skit-maker Pranks People Waiting At Empty ATM By ‘Withdrawing’ In Their Presence (Video)

A content creator played a prank on people waiting to use an ATM by making them believe the machine was paying cash even though it wasn’t.

Amid the naira scarcity, ATM points are often beseiged by residents looking to withdraw money, however, the stand which he saw had a few people waiting for money to be loaded into it.

He casually walked to where people were seated and asked them what was happening, to which they responded that the machine was not paying.

He however claimed to have told them that nothing is impossible with God and went straight to the ATM, after a few moments, he came out with new naira notes.

The customers were shocked when they saw him counting money and they quickly started rushing to use the ATM. A queue began to build up as passersby saw people forming a line and decided to join them.

However, the prankster left them and hurriedly walked away before they realise he was only pranking them.

Watch the video below:

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