Mohbad: Naira Marley’s Brother Issues Stern Warning to Nigerians In Cryptic Post

Naira Marley’s ‘brother’ has issued a stern warning to Nigerians, stating that apologies for falsely accusing his brother of causing Mohbad’s death will not be accepted.

In a recent Instagram post, Naira Marley’s ‘brother’ took to his handle, @pesk_, to address the ongoing controversy surrounding Naira Marley and Mohbad’s death after the Police exhumed his body .

He stated that the same energy used to scapegoat his brother should be used to apologize once his name is cleared.

However, he made it clear that even apologies would not be enough, declaring, “NM NO MERCY.”

In his words; “The same energy everyone used to use my brother’s name as the scapegoat is the same energy you have to use to apologise and say how wrong you guys was. And still that won’t be enough. NM NO MERCY.

Netizens flooded the comment section, questioning whether an apology to Naira Marley was warranted, considering the alleged bullying and harassment that Mohbad endured before his untimely death.

Many expressed their skepticism, demanding justice for Mohbad and urging accountability for those involved in his alleged mistreatment.

@ladyque_ reacted: “Na to use the same energy bring you in for questioning.”

@chyddo reacted: “Only for bullying that boy left right and center they deserve every dragging they got and more. Not even about who killed Moh, only for those bullying, threatening and mistreatment, they deserve what they’re getting!!”

@kevwefrench said: “Apology k*|| you and your brother, will you keep quiet.”

@evelvn xX reacted: “We are not apologizing to a bully!”

@jadesola xo commented: “And who will apologize to them?”

@wendy_ adammaaaaa said: “Apologize? You are clowning.
Even how evidential he was bulliedddd?”

@trikytee said: “Oloshi!!! Apologise for bullying and harassment or what…this one dey on kolos…”

@ladyiasminec commented: “Even if your brother didn’t kiIl Mohbad, how can you justify the bullying we all saw it, even when he was alive, he called your brother out cause he saw him as a threat to his life. Apology my foot! You must have some gad damn guts! The cap …..bullying someone to depression is as good as putting a to their head ! So shut the f up respectfully!”

@izzyshuga said: “Apologise for bullying him or what ? Wetin we wan apologise for ? Ogun kee u and all ur family.”

@oyinelebuibon reacted: “Autopsy won’t say ur brother kii am. The bully and harassment wey ur brother and hin friends did na hin we Dey talk. And the cause of death can still be linked to anyone.”

@temitopearemuofficial said: “Your children shall face every single hardship that boy faced from your brother till his last breath and May you be alive to watch your children go through such pain without being able to do anything about it. Amen A so shall it be.”

@zendaya31_ said: “Guys the Autopsy result is about to be compromised.”

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Naira Marley's brother warns Nigerians

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