Mixed Reactions As Mother Locks Lips With Son During Birthday Party, Netizen Reacts

A trending picture of a woman and her teenage son kissing each other on the lips has stirred controversy on social media.

The parents were celebrating their son’s birthday and when time reached for the cutting of the cake, the woman locked lips with her son.


Her husband could be seen watching them and smiling while they were captured on camera.

However, when the photo surfaced online it generated mixed reactions from netizens as some said there is nothing wrong because it is a practice in some cultures.

Other social media users opined that it is inappropriate for a mother to kiss her son in that manner no matter the circumstances.

American-based Nigerian man @Makavelli275 shared the photo on microblogging platform, Twitter and wrote; ‘Why on earth would a mother and son be kissing this way?”

Read some more comments…

@Hussle69; Is there anything wrong here

@torty_mercy; I will never express love to my sons this way. Woke people should get out!

@BenStev64275829; Na normal thing. Russian do greet their friends like that. Be it woman or man

@nathan_oji; That could easily have lasted fraction of a second but picture trapped it in time forever. Now u are assuming it was a long romantic kiss(which it might be) but not likely.

@exec_boss; Nothing wrong here… we Nigerians should grow up… abeg… there is relationship between Son and Mother… and the Man is happy… Nwoke, mgbe ị lụrụ di na nwunye, ị ga-aghọta ihe I di close with umu gi putara.

@BigDaddy0047; You people 4get so soon that when that boy was still a baby like 1year old the mother kiss him left and right even his own sisters will be kissing him left and right too even friends too so why now that he is like 14 that the mother kiss him on his birthday that U think is wrong

@EthelNnaedozie; For people supporting this..Please read about” odipus complex”..If you investigate this family..What you will find out will shock you..the mother closed her eyes kissing the son..my dear, something is wrong.Psychologists need to “parent parents how to parent”

@AbujaVillageMan; I’ve learned that unlike a video tape, a still picture might not tell an entire tale. I’ve kissed my Mom like this once when she dropped me off at the park. I was intending for the side of her lips and she was also going for my cheek but it ended up somehow like this.

@celubase; Hmmmm. Maybe that’s family way of kissing to show love. Nothing wrong. It doesn’t seem passionate though.

@chukwudumjohn87; Nonsense! What kinda motherly love be this? Abeg mother should activate boundaries no matter what.

@PrinceC98494272; The father is sheepishly watching his son sharing the same mouth 👄 with him. Well since he apparently believes there’s love in sharing,let them keep sharing Sha!

@AkiimReid1; This Def is not a Nigerian mom. It could be in their culture to do so

@Cephil0; It’s probably because of the picture, Kisses like this srr usually very very swift. No need to blow things out of proportion cuz many of us were not properly loved at home. Allow families and people do their things as long as it does not affect you!!!

@strongmoiety_1; See the way she’s even holding him, this wasn’t just any kiss but a passionate one like intimate lovers.. Tufia 💔

@jessetheoracle_; If that’s the boy’s father, what’s he doing exactly staring at them both? Is he an effeminate man?

@commissier; When the Father is weak and probably not the biological FATHER of the son, thereby leaving the son as Ambassador of his true dad to the family.

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