Mixed Reactions As 18-year-old Nigerian Girl Reveals Her Body Count Is 15

A video which has elicited condemnation on social media captures a group of teenagers disclosing their body count.

There were three girls in the video being interview by a female content creator who visited the swimming pool they went to have fun.

She asked if they were virgins and they said ‘No’. The Tiktok interviewer then asked what their body count was and the first named, Esther, aged 19 said her body count is eight.

The second girl, Favour aged 17, said her body count is seven while the last, 18-year-old Bright revealed that her body count is 15.

Also, they were asked to make a special request in case anybody wanted to buy a gift for them and one said she wanted a car while the other two said smartphones (iPhone and Samsung)

The three girls said they have finished from secondary school, but their revelations left a sour taste in the mouth of netizens.

Watch the video and read comments below…

thick_tall_muna; At their age my body count was zero

calliemajik_; Not sure they understand what body counts mean

nkechi_blessing_sunday; You sure they know d meaning of body counts? 15 ke common now!!!

bcoin_marshal; why e come be like say the lady nyash want run leave her 😂

jullyposh94; It’s possible they don’t know what body count is. How can a full grown woman exploit young/ underage girls for clout and views. If at they ages they truly have those body counts which I don’t believe, they need direction and therapy not making a video that will forever haunt their future posted all over social media cos the internet never forgets.

_badboywilly; Why will you be asking kids these type of question? Not funny at all 👎

ugochi.abazie; What is happening with our teenagers? Has society gone this morally-bankrupt? I turn 40 in September. My body count still remains 1 (ONE) and that was my ex-husband. This isn’t to shame anyone but I see a case of misplaced priorities. At their age, I was more focused on getting a degree and making something out of my life. To be honest, gpod parenting isn’t overated. I am grateful for having a mother who taught me the importance of knowing Jesus, developing myself and living a life of contentment.

bchrealtors; A 17years old shouldn’t even be in this kind of conversation! Mannn 💔

mc_raheena; The interviewer is the problem in the video 😢

lachicareta_hair_wigs; In as much as I will preach celibacy, This is an intrusion of privacy, how can you ask such silly questions without even blurring their faces and you posted it just like that? and I am sure these girls don’t even really know what they are saying, how can you post something like this online and you are also a female? This lady ought to be ashamed of herself

thatgirl_kikky; This is so wrong, How is this the question to ask them after you got to know their age? you no see what them dey study ask, or where they are from or what they would want to be😢. A great platform to ask many impacting and sensible things but no, body count? This are the things. Society can only change to a better place, starting with an individual mind and brain cleansing cos 🥹

iamhighdee_; Y’all are missing the big picture! Why’s a grown ass woman asking a 17 year old kid that’s probably in secondary school such questions exactly???? Non of them us even 20 fgs! Of all questions to ask them smh

jennyoseh; I don’t think they know what body count means

malia.ella; I don’t think they know the meaning of body count, stop asking children this kind of question you have so many other things to ask them

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