Mirtha Legrand Biography: Age, Height, Husband, Children, Net Worth

Mirtha Legrand Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Children, Net Worth – Mirtha Legrand, whose real name is Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez, stands as an Argentine actress and television presenter. Boasting an impressive 80-year career, Legrand is widely celebrated as one of the most distinguished and recognizable figures in the Argentine entertainment scene.


Name: Rosa Maria Juana Martinez Suarez
Date of Birth: February 23, 1927
Wife: Daniel Tinayre (m. 1946 – 1994)
Nationality: Argentine
Occupation: Actress
Net Worth: $75 million

Mirtha Legrand Biography

Rosa María Juana Martínez Suárez, renowned by her stage name Mirtha Legrand, was born on February 23, 1927, in Villa Cañás, Argentina. Inseparable from her twin sister Silvia, they were raised by their parents José Martínez and Rosa Suárez, both of Spanish descent. Following her parents’ separation in 1934, the family relocated to Rosario and later settled in the La Paternal neighborhood in Buenos Aires in 1936.

Mirtha Legrand Age

How old is Mirtha Legrand? Mirtha Legrand is 96 years old. She was born in Villa Canas, Argentina on February 23, 1927.

Mirtha Legrand Height

How tall is Mirtha Legrand? Mirtha Legrand’s height is not known.

Mirtha Legrand Parents

Who are the parents of Mirtha Legrand? Mirtha Legrand was born to Rosa Suarez and Jose Martinez.

Mirtha Legrand Siblings

Mirtha Legrand has two siblings; Silvia Legrand, José A. Martínez Suárez. Silvia is her twin sister. Silva is a retired actress and one of the most famous Argentine entertainment figures.

Mirtha Legrand Career

Mirtha Legrand’s journey into the world of entertainment began in the carnival of 1939, where she participated in a contest organized by the Diario de Cine program at Belgrano Radio. This marked the inception of a remarkable career that spanned over eight decades. Rising to prominence during the golden era of the Argentine film industry in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Legrand’s film debut occurred in “Educating Niní,” alongside her sister Silvia.

Her stage name, Mirtha Legrand, was coined by her agent Roberto Cerebello when she was just 14 years old. Legrand’s captivating presence and talent led to her becoming a prominent figure in Argentine cinema, with a filmography that included 36 films across Argentina and Spain. Notable works include “El viaje,” “Un Beso en la Nuca,” “El retrato,” and “La vendedora de fantasías.”

However, it was her foray into television that solidified Mirtha Legrand’s iconic status. Her interview television program, “Almorzando con las estrellas,” premiered in 1968 on Alejandro Romay’s channel 9. The show, later renamed “Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand,” became a fixture in Argentine households, showcasing her charisma and hosting prowess. Despite her extensive cinematic contributions, Legrand is best known for her enduring influence in the realm of television.

Beyond the spotlight, Mirtha Legrand’s personal life unfolded with its share of joys and sorrows. In 1946, she married Daniel Tinayre, a director of French origin, and together they had two children, Daniel Andrés and Marcela. Tragically, her husband Daniel Tinayre passed away in 1994, followed by the loss of their son Daniel to pancreatic cancer in 1999.

Mirtha Legrand’s indelible impact on Argentine entertainment extends beyond her illustrious career. With an 80-year legacy that traverses film, television, and cultural influence, she remains an enduring symbol of Argentine show business. Her contributions to the arts, both onscreen and off, have left an indelible mark on the nation’s cultural landscape, securing her place as one of Argentina’s most revered entertainment figures.


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Mirtha Legrand Husband

Is Mirtha Legrand married? Not anymore, her husband Daniel Tinayre no longer walks among the living. They got married in 1946 until his demise in 1994. They had two children. Daniel was a French born Argentine film director, screenwriter and film producer.

Mirtha Legrand Children

Does Mirtha Legrand have any children? Yes, Mirtha Legrand has two children. They are Marcela Tinayre and Daniel Tinayre. Daniel, their son died from pancreatic cancer in 1999.

Mirtha Legrand Net Worth

Mirtha Legrand has an estimated net worth of $75 million.

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