Men Who Say You Need Money To Get A Woman Are Deceiving You – Counselor, John Doe

A popular relationship advisor known on social media as John Doe has urged young men not to believe the saying that they need money before they can get any woman of their choice.

He said that any man who makes such assertion is only deceiving people while the women who make such postulations are women of easy virtue.

In a lengthy post on Twitter, John explained why it makes no sense for people to think that they will only get a woman if they are wealthy.

He wrote; “I’ve told you all, and I’ll keep saying it. Any man or small boy or woman, that has been preaching to young men & girls that money is all they need to win a woman, is deceiving you. Men who talk this way, are weaklings and enablers. Women who talk this way, are h**s & very insidious. YOU DO NOT NEED MONEY TO FIND A WIFE.

What you need as a man, is your masculinity, God & sustainable & legitimate income. Everybody loves money. Both men and women. But you don’t need to have money to find a wife. Stop lying to people on the internet.

You are just trying to chase clout & make it look like, unless a man has money, he doesn’t deserve a wife. That’s a Lie. What a man needs, is to keep pushing & providing for his family the best he can & leading his family right.

All fingers are not equal & you cannot compare yourself with someone else. Some of the rich people we have today, come from very poor homes. Most of the successful people we have today, came from humble backgrounds. Their parents were not wealthy. As a matter fact, the wealthiest people on earth do not make up to 1% of the world’s population. So what are you saying?

Are all others outside the 1% not living their lives? We need to stop making our women feel like they’re like a property that can be bought off the shelf. This narrative has gone on for so long. And it’s making our women look like commodities. And men are the greatest enablers of this.

Just because women love money, doesn’t mean you must wife them with it. If all women needed was money, all men will be equally rich. And there will be peace. But is that the case?

Everyday, young men who have little or no knowledge of what they’re saying, will come online to say.. “make money, women will come”. They don’t even understand the gravity of what they’re saying. They forget that they have sisters? And that their own sisters are looking up to them? Stupid men!

Men who have nothing of value to add to the society, always talking about money. If not money, they have no say. If not money, they cannot knack. If not money, they can’t enter a lady’s DM. If not money, they can’t even say hi to a lady. “Kings” my foot. End.”

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