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Melinda Dillon Cause of Death, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Children

Melinda Dillon Cause of Death, Age, Husband, Family, Net Worth, Children. Melinda Dillon is an American actress who was born on October 13, 1939, in Hope, Arkansas.

She started her career in the 1960s with her first major role being in the film “A Face in the Crowd.” This was followed by several appearances in TV series such as “The Twilight Zone,” “Bonanza,” and “Gunsmoke.”

In 1977, Dillon gained widespread recognition for her role as Jill Young in Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi film “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” In this movie, she played the mother of a young boy who has a close encounter with aliens and her performance was widely praised by audiences and critics alike. This role established her as a talented actress and brought her to the forefront of the film industry.

Over the years, Melinda Dillon has appeared in a number of films, including “Absence of Malice” (1981), “Harry and the Hendersons” (1987), and “The Prince of Tides” (1991). Her performances in these films were met with critical acclaim and she has been recognized for her ability to bring depth and emotion to her characters.

Aside from her acting career, Melinda Dillon has been involved in various causes and charities. She has been a longtime supporter of organizations that work to improve the lives of children, particularly those in need. In her personal life, she is a mother of two and has been married to actor Richard Libertini since 1974.

Throughout her career, Melinda Dill on has been known for her versatility as an actress, her dedication to her craft, and her willingness to take on challenging roles. She has established herself as one of the most respected and talented actresses in the industry and has left an indelible mark on the film world.

In conclusion, Melinda Dillon is a talented actress whose contributions to the film industry have earned her recognition and respect. Her dedication to her craft and her involvement in various causes have made her a role model for many aspiring actors and actresses. Her legacy as a performer will continue to inspire future generations and her impact on the film industry will not be forgotten.

Melinda Dillon Cause of Death

She reportedly died on January 9, 2023, and per what we gathered, no cause of death was publicly stated. It is assumed that she died of old age considering the fact that she was an octagenarian.

Melinda Dillon Age

How old is Melinda Dillon? At the time of her death, she was 83 years old.

Melinda Dillon Husband & Family

Melinda Dillon was married to actor Richard Libertini for a number of years and during their marriage, they welcomed a son into the world. However, after several years of marriage, the couple decided to go their separate ways and their marriage ended in divorce in 1978. Despite the end of their relationship, Melinda and Richard maintained a cordial relationship for the sake of their son.

Melinda Dillon

Melinda Dillon had an estimated of $3 million, according to various sources. This figure is based on various factors such as her past and current income streams, her acting career, and other sources of income.


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