Meet Kingsley Obiekwu, Retired Nigerian Footballer Now Taxi Driver

Retired Nigerian footballer and substitute defender during the Atlanta ’96 Olympics game, Kingsley Obiekwu, says he’s now into commercial transport business to sustain his family.

Kingsley Obiekwu

Obiekwu on Tuesday in Awka said that several football clubs including Ifeanyi Uba FC, owned by Nigerian senator with the same name, were owing him some money.

“Yes, I am a commercial transporter; there is nothing to hide about it. Man has to do what is legal to pay his family bills.

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“I have coached Rangers International FC, Ifeanyi Ubah FC, Delta Force FC, Asaba, Giant Brila and also Union Sportif, Krake, Republic of Benin. All of them are owing me,” Obiekwu said.

The veteran noted that things had not been rosy since he returned to Nigeria in 2008, in spite of his contributions to the development of Nigeria’s football.

He stated that his former employees were owing him over N6 million cumulatively.

“I am disappointed with the setup in Nigeria. How can employers be owing you and nobody is saying or doing anything about it? It’s frustrating. Even my home state, Delta, has refused to pay me.

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“If I can get this N6 million, I won’t be in this mess,” he said.

Obiekwu also expressed the regret that some of the promises made to them after their victorious return from Atlanta 26 years ago had yet to be fulfilled.

This, the veteran footballer said, included the plots of land promised by Delta and Niger governments.


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