Mayorkun Files N1Billion Lawsuit Against Nicki DaBarbie for Defamation

Nigerian singer, Adewale Emmanuel Mayowa, popularly called Mayorkun has filed a N1 billion lawsuit against TikTok influencer, Nicki DaBarbie for defamation and accusing him of being a ritualist.

Ngnews247 reported that The dancer said that Mayorkun and Skiibii were attempting to exploit her for occult rites.

Additionally, Nickie DaBarbie disclosed that the people who had abused her threatened to sue her if news got out.

Mayorkun posted a letter requesting that she stop making disparaging remarks about him, refuting all of the accusations.

The TikToker was instructed to take down the offensive publications across all social media platforms within 24 hours.

She was also required to pay N1 billion in damages for all emotional distress, lost endorsements, and legal fees, and to write a formal apology to Mayorkun on the same platforms.

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