May Allah punish your late Mother in the grave – Actress Liz Anjorin blasts fan

Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin has blasted a fan of hers who poke-nosed into her affair on social media. The actress cursed the fan for subtly mocking her with claims that she is a single mum.

Liz Anjorin wrote:

”If you respect your mother so dearly dead or alive ??you shld respect other people’s mother …@olami_topmodel I was trying to correct you on this comment and you are behaving as if u need urgent fame ??May Allah punish your late Mother in the grave for not minding your own business during this Ramadan Season. Ordinary thank you, hopeless low life like you can not say to me for assisting a fellow young woman.
All you could say is …EPELE MA WHY IS ARIKE CALLING YOU MUMMY BLABLABLABLA? For squeezing myself in this harsh economy to help another young woman to see new world you shall never no peace till the rest of your life. Don’t bring issue of fasting to forgive some fools Prophet Muhammad (SWT) and satan are not friends till now and they can never be. You come to my handle to leave negative comments, you will be brought to book of disgrace here. Be guided..#ISayNoToNegativeCommentsOnMyHandle. #IfYouRespectYourMotherNeverComeToMyHandleToSayShit”

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