Maxvisits Review: Get 1000 visitors for $1

Maxvisits is a popular but unknown paid/free targeted website source for new generational bloggers like you that is reading this post.

With this company, you will be able to drive targeted to your blog either by using the paid or free version. I recommend you go for the free version first before upgrading if you like their performance.


This version allows you to select from different traffic types either Website Traffic, Pup-Under traffic, Mobile, Traffic from Expired Domain and even use this to increase your Alexa rank. This plan and subscription types ranges from as low as $1 per 1000 visitors.

Website Traffic: This is the type of traffic I got from them. This traffic is sent directly to your website irrespective of age differences, gender or language my maxvisits traffic review will show you all.

Mobile Traffic: We all know that 60% of our website traffic are mobile users; Maxvisits assure you of 100% unique mobile visitors for your subscription. This type of traffic is most effective for gadgets blogs etc. You can target your subscription to be all mobile users only and max visits will do the rest of their duty to deliver to you real human visitors from USA using only mobile device.

These are most effective and recommended by me traffic types you should consider buying the paid plan in max visits.

To learn more, visit Maxvisits now

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