Maximilian Schell Biography: Age, Height, Cause of Death, Wife, Children, Net Worth

Maximilian Schell Biography – Maximilian Schell was a distinguished Swiss actor who left an indelible mark in the world of cinema.


Name: Maximilian Schell
Age: 83 years
Wife: Natalya Andrejchenko ​(m. 1985; div. 2005)​
Iva Mihanovic
Date of Birth: 8 December 1930
Nationality: Swiss
Net Worth: $10 million

Maximilian Schell’s Biography

Born on December 8, 1930, in Austria, and beyond acting, he showcased his versatile talents as a writer, director, and producer. His illustrious career reached a pinnacle when he won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the 1961 American film “Judgment at Nuremberg.” Growing up in an environment steeped in the arts, Schell’s family had a profound influence on his early exposure to performance and literature.

The tumultuous period of World War II forced his family to flee Austria in 1938, seeking refuge in Switzerland after the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Settling in Zurich, Schell embarked on a journey into acting and directing after the war’s conclusion. Fluent in both English and German, he graced the screens with compelling portrayals, earning Oscar nominations for roles in “The Man in the Glass Booth” (1975) and “Julia” (1977).

Schell’s acting repertoire showcased remarkable diversity, portraying historical figures such as Simón Bolívar, Peter the Great, and Albert Einstein. Notably, his portrayal of Vladimir Lenin in the television film “Stalin” (1992) earned him the prestigious Golden Globe Award. Beyond the silver screen, Schell exhibited his musical prowess as an accomplished pianist and conductor, sharing the stage with luminaries like Claudio Abbado and Leonard Bernstein.

Raised in Zurich, Schell’s early exposure to the classics fueled his passion for literature and the arts. Although initially reluctant to pursue acting, he found his calling on the stage. His academic pursuits took him to the University of Zurich and the University of Munich, where he studied philosophy and art history. Despite a brief stint in the Swiss Army and a foray into journalism, Schell’s love for acting prevailed, leading him to the Basel Theatre, where his professional acting career took root.

Maximilian Schell’s journey, marked by artistic brilliance and a commitment to his craft, left an enduring legacy in the annals of cinema and performing arts.

Maximilian Schell’s Nationality

He is an Austrian.

Where is Maximilian Schell from?

He is from Austria.

How old is Maximilian Schell?

At the time of his death, he was 83 years old.

Maximilian Schell’s Family & Siblings

The names of his parents are Margarethe and Hermann Ferdinand Schell. The names of his siblings are Maria Schell, Carl, and Immaculata “Immy” Schell.

Why is Maximilian Schell famous?

Maximilian Schell achieved fame as a distinguished and versatile Austrian-born Swiss actor.

Maximilian Schell’s Height & Weight

His height and weight are not publicly known.

Maximilian Schell’s Career

Maximilian Schell made his debut in the world of cinema with the German anti-war film “Kinder, Mütter und ein General” (Children, Mothers, and a General) in 1955.

This film set the stage for Schell’s future roles, becoming a trademark for his career. His sensitivity in portraying a young deserter disillusioned with the war became a defining element of his acting style. Subsequently, Schell engaged in seven more European films before making his move to the U.S., showcasing his versatility.

In 1968, Schell diversified his involvement in the film industry, taking on roles as a writer, producer, director, and actor in his own productions. “The Castle” (1968), based on Franz Kafka’s novel, and “Erste Liebe” (First Love) (1970), adapted from Ivan Turgenev’s novel, were significant contributions. “The Pedestrian” (1974) explored the haunting echoes of a German tycoon’s Nazi past, earning nominations and commercial success in Germany.

Throughout his career, Schell defied typecasting by portraying diverse characters in films like “Topkapi” (1964), “Simón Bolívar” (1969), “The Black Hole” (1979), and “Stalin” (1992), where he won the Golden Globe Award for his role as Vladimir Lenin. He continued to leave his mark on German-made TV films and miniseries, showcasing his talent in productions like “Die Rückkehr des Tanzlehrers” (2004).

Beyond acting, Schell ventured into producing and directing. His documentary film “Marlene” (1984), featuring Marlene Dietrich, creatively navigated challenges during its production. The film, nominated for an Oscar, presented a unique clash of temperament between interviewer and star, revealing a fascinating display of egotism and contentiousness.

In 2002, Schell produced “My Sister Maria,” an intimate documentary chronicling the life and career of his sister, the renowned actress Maria Schell. The film poignantly captured her mental and physical frailty, receiving recognition with Bambi Awards for their lifetime achievements.

Maximilian Schell’s contributions to cinema extended far beyond his acting prowess, encompassing writing, directing, and producing, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of film and documentary.

Maximilian Schell passed away at the age of 83 on February 1, 2014, in Innsbruck, Austria, succumbing to a sudden and serious illness.

Maximilian Schell’s Wife

At the time of his death, he was married to Iva Mihanovic.

Maximilian Schell’s Children

He was known to be a father and the name of his daughter is Nastassja Schell.

Maximilian Schell’s Net Worth

At the time of his death, he had a net worth of not less than $10 million.

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