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Matt Ogus Biography, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Height, Weight, Nationality

is an American YouTube personality and a fitness enthusiast. He works under the name Flex for All. He is best known for his wrinkled body and bodybuilding videos on his YouTube channel. He focuses on nutrition and the best way to achieve six compact bodies, just like his.


Full name Matt Ogus
Nationality American
Date of birth March 21, 1991
Age 31 years old
Wife Brittany Lesser
Career Bodybuilder and Youtuber
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Net Worth $500,000

Matt Ogus Biography

Matt Ogus was born on March 21, 1991, in Citrus Height California. The only known fact about his family is that he has two brothers and a nephew. A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean as it is said, Matt joined the body-building course at the early age of 15 years. He walks with his in mind, with No Pain No Gain, so he works hard and puts in enough energy to get to his ultimate limit. He was introduced to the bodybuilding course by his football coach, he saw it was a fan and later joined.

Matt Ogus Age

How old is Matt Ogus? He was on March 21, 1991, in Citrus Height, California in the United States of America. He is currently 31 years as of 2022 and would be turning 32 on the 21st of March 2023. Matt is doing well and is a source of motivation for the upcoming youth. This man struggled to the top and didn’t give up. Matt is a perfect representation of the life and passion of a bodybuilder and he shows no signs of slowing down. Not much is known about his family as there hasn’t been any update on them.

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Matt Ogus Height and Weight

As a bodybuilder, he takes good care of himself and is doing well in terms of health. He has the weight and height of a normal person. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall and no information is known about his weight but he is believed to have a good weight to his credit.

Matt Ogus Nationality and Ethnicity

He is an American who was born in California in the United States of America. There isn’t much known about his belief; that is to do with the religion he chooses to join and any stuff related to it. He is believed to have come from a family of mixed ethnicity but it remains rumors and has not been confirmed yet.


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Matt Ogus Career

Matt is a professional bodybuilder and a YouTube celebrity. He uploads videos of himself teaching and showing so of his schedules and his life as a bodybuilder. He had a passion for his in his childhood ever since he was introduced to it by his football coach. He has always wanted to be a popular bodybuilder and he attained that in 2011 when he started uploading his videos on YouTube. He has risen to prominence over the years and is one of the most searched bodybuilders on the internet.

He join YouTube in 2011 to keep track of his bodybuilding process and showcase his attractive physique as well as teach viewers how to achieve it. he also shares all the secrets he’s learned over the years to stay healthy and young. He now has over 500,000 subscribers and boasts over 120 million views and counts. Her popular videos include announcing his work plan, and more other awesome stuff that glues people to his channel.

Gradually taking the step, he decided to take the stage at that moment, he realized that he had a long way to go if he was to find his competitors and overtake them. Today, he has become a prominent fitness icon on social media, where he updates his fans on his daily life as a bodybuilder. Along with stardom, Matt achieved his dream of getting the physique he had always wanted.


Matt Ogus Wife

Who is Matt Ogus married to? Rumors were circulating somewhere in 2013 that he is gay. He has been troubled and took to his channel to tell fans all that isn’t true and that he hasn’t found the right person yet. He isn’t gay as the list of women he has dated so far is seen on the internet. The fitness model is currently dating Brittany Lesser. They may have been bonded over their love for fitness, as she is also a fitness enthusiast. She earned a bachelor’s degree in health education.

Matt Ogus Children

Does Matt Ogus have children? Matt does not have any children now. He is focusing on his career and his relationship as at now and would start making babies when the time is due.

Matt Ogus Net Worth

Matt Ogus has an estimated net worth of $500,000 earn through his bodybuilding career and YouTube personality. It is often said that love for what you do pays off. Matt is doing well financially and has stable finance. He receives a salary for his passion. The fitness model is currently doing well and all thanks to his followers and subscribers on YouTube. He is always grateful and thanks them a lot for making it a success. Matt is a perfect bodybuilder and had a passion for it since childhood and has always worked hard to attain the level he is today.


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