Married Man am Dating Paid 1.2 Million In My Account Because I Make Him Happy Than His Housewife

Hello Uncle Joro, God Bless you. More fine shoes ur your cupboard. I just want to share something.

Your helper can be anybody. Some people will say married man relationships is a taboo but how ? Am so much in high joy at the mo. My boyfriend just pay me 1.2 milli He is a married man. He is not happy. I make him happy. I just want to write to married woman our there .

If ur confident in your husband don’t stop him from helping any young lady out there. Like me am down almost death & depressed.

This man saved me. Am paying tithe on sunday from this money. Married women a man will cheat. Allow ur husband be helpful. Have learn a lot in life. Aiye yi osi se o Pe ekan ale. Olorun wa

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