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American politician and former superintendent of schools Paul Gust Vallas. He held positions as CEO of the School District of Philadelphia and the Chicago Public Schools, superintendent of the Bridgeport Public Schools and the Recovery School District of Louisiana, and budget director for the city of Chicago.

In the 2019 Chicago mayoral race, Vallas finished ninth out of fourteen candidates in the first round and supported Lori Lightfoot in the runoff.

In the 2023 mayoral race, Vallas will run against Lightfoot as a Democrat. He won the first round of voting and will move on to the runoff.

Cause of Death

How Did Die? On February 24, 2018, Mark Vallas passed away in a drug rehab facility in Huntington Beach, California. At the time, the news was confirmed by his brother Paul Vallas.

Mark Vallas, 24, passed away at New Existence Recovery, a drug addiction treatment center in Huntington Beach, according to the Orange County Coroner’s office.


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  1. this is just low I hate the political season. Why would you dig up something so painful in a persons life what does that have to do with him being the mayor of Chicago somebody please explain that to me because clearly I don’t get it sometimes. Humanity really sucks.

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