Mandy Kiss Removes Naira Marley’s Tattoo From Her Thigh, Urges People To Enjoy Their Lives [Video]

Nigerian media personality, Mandy Kiss has made a significant change by removing the tattoo of her celebrity crush, Naira Marley, from her thigh.

A few years ago, Mandy Kiss inked a tattoo depicting Naira Marley’s face on her thigh to express her admiration for the singer and her hopes of having his child someday.

However, after Naira Marley failed to acknowledge Mandy’s love for him and the aspiration to have his child, the media personality decided to move on with her life.

Taking to her Instagram page, Mandy Kiss shared a video showcasing a talented tattoo artist skillfully concealing the Naira Marley tattoo with a new and distinct floral design.

Sharing the video, Mandy Kiss expressed her strength and positivity, saying “D strongest lady 😌 Happy new month besties 💗.

In another post shared on her Instagram story, the media personality reflected on personal growth, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and letting go of negativity.

Mandy Kiss reminded her followers that life is fleeting, and nothing is permanent or guaranteed because situations and people are bound to be changed regardless of their importance.

She encouraged others to embrace change, enjoy life to the fullest, prioritize loved ones, pursue passions, disregard the opinions of others, and ultimately recognize the nature of existence.

She wrote, “You have just one life my g, there’s no time for hate, you need to realize nothing is permanent, nothing is guaranteed, everyone and thing is replaceable.

Learn how to adapt to situations quickly if not you’ll waste time on meaningless things. Enjoy life, chop it everyday, take care of the people you love, follow your passion, stop giving a fuck about people’s opinions, everybody in this world will die eventually.”

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Watch the video below:

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