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Man Reveals What Lady Did After Visiting His Friend’s House In Lagos (Photo)

A man has revealed what a did after visiting his friend’s house today in Lagos.

According to Martin Beck Nworah, the who paid a visit to his friend – claimed that her father’s driver was waiting for her at the estate gate when she was about to leave and was given N10K by her host.

The lady later opted for a cheaper Yellow cab for transport after initially declining to use Uber on the request of her host. After she was spotted in the taxi by Martin, the lady smiled and reportedly gave him N2,000 from the money after knowing what she did.

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Read below what Martin shared on Facebook.

I made a quick ₦2k this evening. I stopped at a colleague’s house to drop a package for him. When I walked in, his female friend was about leaving the house.

He elected to book Uber for her but she declined, saying that her father’s driver is already waiting for her at the estate gate. My colleague elected to see her off but she turned him down, telling him to attend to me.

He gave her ₦10k and saw her off to the gate. I left his house some minutes later and not too far from his close, just as you navigate to the next junction, I saw our aunty inside this yellow taxi.

I looked well, it was her. I smiled.
Took this picture. Then walked over to help baba push his taxi. She saw me and smiled. I smiled back.

She came down and pushed ₦2k into my hand. “Beck, this is between us.”

I smiled. “It was nice doing business with you.”


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