Man Publicly Celebrates His Dry Cleaner Who Returned Money He Found in His Pocket

A man has publicly celebrated his honest dry cleaner who returned the huge sum of money he found in his pocket.

He shared this to his Facebook account, Abubakar Widi-jalo, where he praised the laundry man for his integrity.

He expressed his shock, especially in this economy, when the laundry man had returned a pile of his washed clothes alongside the sum of 9000 Naira.

According to the man, he forgot that the money was left in his pocket and the drycleaner could have taken the money without even letting him know.

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Instead, he returned the money so the man dashed him the 9000 Naira and still paid him for his services.

He wrote;

“My laundry man Usman just delivered my cloths and handed
9 Thousand naira he found in one of the pockets.
And guess how much his bill is for the clothes he washed and ironed?
If he wanted, he would have kept the 9k and still collect his 3,200 but he chose to be honest by returning it.
On my own part, I dashed him the whole 9k and paid him his 3,200
I will also recommend him to anyone that will like to do his / her laundry in kano.
He picks up laundry and returns it Wheh he’s done promptly with no incident of missing clothes.
Please patronize him
His number is 08069225148”

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This has endeared many Netizens to the trustworthiness of the drycleaner.

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