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Man Narrates How Waiter Saved Him When His Date Asked For Most Expensive Drink

A man has recounted how a guy who believes in bro code came to his rescue when he took a lady on a date to a restaurant.

The guy known as @masaun_k said that his date asked the male waiter to serve them the most expensive drink and the guy looked at his face.

At that point, the person serving them kept telling the lady that all the expensive things were out of stock.

Masaun said that he was full of silent thanks and when they were done, he went to give the waiter a tip but he turned it down.

He shared his story in response to a tweep @ThatDakari who tweeted; What’s the worst thing a woman has done on the first date?

Masaun wrote; “She literally asked what was their most expensive drink. The waiter met my eyes and the bro code kicked in. He just kept saying everything was out of stock. God bless him where he is now. I went back to give him a tip but he declined.”

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