Man Improvises Way To Prevent Robbers From Entering His House (Photo)

A 32-year-old man has found a new way to keep thieves away from his residence.

After experiencing seven break-ins in three years, the South African man identified as Malefetsane Rantoe got his hands on a doll called Joseph for protection. Joseph is clothed in a skirt, shirt, tie and sunglasses.

From a distance, one would think there’s a person standing in Malefetsane’s’ yard after positioning the doll.

Unlike his neighbours, Malefetsane from Bergman, Free State, South Africa, doesn’t put his trust in dogs as several of them were poisoned.

“Three years ago, we experienced a lot of break-ins in our community. My house was broken into seven times and clothes, furniture and groceries were stolen when I had a dog. “I had five dogs and they were all poisoned when my house was broken into.

“So one day I came up with the idea of buying a doll and clothing it. “I named it Joseph after the biblical character who protected his son. I’m planning to buy a few more dolls to place around the yard.”

Neighbour Mpho Booi said: “I think it’s a brilliant idea because thugs don’t dare come close to his house.

“Malefetsane’s doll has been in his yard for a year and none of his possessions have gone missing. I also plan to buy one.”

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