Man Divorces Wife After Finding Out She Has Two Side Boyfriends

An African American lady has narrated how her first marriage crashed due to her inability to remain faithful.

The woman known on Twitter as @MrsKhandiCoated said her husband found out she had a boyfriend and contacted him to end their love affair.

She revealed that he told the side boyfriend to let his wife come back home and never see her again, but the side boyfriend said that he was not with her.

According to her, the boyfriend informed her husband that she told him she would be with her hubby that day so he was surprised.

So they both interrogated her and she had to confess that she was with her childhood ex and that was when they realised she was cheating on her husband as well as her first side boyfriend.

@MrsKhandiCoated wrote; The last straw in my first marriage was when my ex husband called my side boyfriend and told him it ends today.. to bring me home now and my side man told him that I told him I was with him today.. and they both grilled me till I admitted to being with a childhood ex.. madness that day

Side Nixxa text: Your husband just called me looking for you…thought you stayed home tonight?

Me looking at my phone while holding the love of my life’s hand…only to see a text from my husband coming thru

My ex husband really ruined a great relationship I had cus he wanna talk about vows n shiii.. still pissed bout this.

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