Makeda Mahadeo Biography: Age, Net Worth, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Children, Siblings, Tribe

Makeda Mahadeo Biography, Age, Net Worth, Husband, Parents, Siblings, Children, Siblings, Tribe – Makeda Mahadeo, born in 1987, is a popular Jamaican-Rwandan disk jockey, producer, and presenter. Since she joined CNBC Africa, she has become more well-known on television. She appeared on The Switch on Contact FM for more than five years, or half a decade. She worked as a co-anchor and co-producer on the breakfast TV program Rise and Shine Rwanda.


Name: Makeda Mahadeo
Date of Birth: 1987
Husband: Sacha Haguma
Nationality: Jamaican-Rwandan
Occupation: Disk jockey, producer and presenter
Net Worth: $400,000

Makeda Mahadeo Early Life and Education

Born in 1987 in the United States, Makeda Mahadeo emerged into a world of diverse heritage.

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Her lineage is a fusion of Jamaican from her mother’s side and Rwandan from her father’s. Tragically, she experienced the loss of her father, a prominent figure in his own right.

Makeda’s father, known as Aloys Karamuheto but affectionately addressed as Bogoman, left an indelible mark on the music scene as a Rastafarian DJ during his lifetime.

Her upbringing unfolded in Jamaica, where she also pursued her educational journey. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature from a prestigious university in Jamaica.

Embarking on a trajectory of accomplishment, Makeda thrived as a radio disk jockey and mixer, contributing significantly to her field.

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Makeda Mahadeo Career

Makeda Mahadeo was highlighted by CNN as Rwanda’s most prominent Social Media Maven, a recognition that underscores her influence in the digital realm.

With an impressive following of over fifty thousand on Instagram, her presence resonates powerfully on social media platforms.

Her decision to venture into the media landscape garnered attention from all corners. Through unwavering dedication, she forged a path to her current stature, illustrating the significance of her persistent efforts.

A significant milestone in 2019 saw her take on the role of judge on the East African Got Talent show.

In a candid conversation with the Daily Nation, Makeda shared her joy upon learning that she had been chosen as one of the esteemed judges for the talent competition.

She made her entrance into the world of entertainment with her DJ debut in 2010, a move that propelled her into the limelight.

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Additionally, her television debut occurred during her university days, solidifying her presence in the showbiz realm.


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Makeda Mahadeo Husband and Children

Makeda Mahadeo entered into matrimonial bliss with Sacha Haguma. Their profound commitment was sealed amidst vibrant festivities during a captivating wedding event held at the Inzozi Beach Hotel in Gisenyi on November 30, 2017.

Amidst a religious ceremony, the couple solemnly exchanged their marital vows at 3 p.m., marking the poignant culmination of their union. Prior to this memorable event, on the 24th of November, the couple had already pledged their love and devotion in a civil marriage ceremony within the Kinyinya sector.

Makeda Mahadeo Net Worth

Makeda Mahadeo has an estimated net worth of around $400,000. Her wealth is attributed to her career as a disk jockey, producer, and presenter.


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