Major Causes of Fights Among Siblings, Parents Take Note

Siblings, especially young ones and children, fight a lot and parents are sometimes unaware of the cause of these fights that seem to tear them apart.

Even though some causes of these fights are visible, some causes are however hard to notice and may be hidden in the hearts of the children for a long time.

Here are major causes of fights among siblings:

Segregated Love : when a parent shows more love and affection to a child than the others, it creates hatred among the children. The children begin to notice this one-sided love through the way some parents praise a child than the other/others.

Food : children that are siblings can fight over food especially when they don’t have enough that they should share equally among themselves.

Jealousy: when a child seems to be better than the other, the latter can develop jealousy towards his/her sibling and the house, therefore, becomes a competition ground where one is trying to be better than the other.

Money : siblings fight over money when it is combined. It is surprising that even little children can fight over money looking at how important it is to human life.

Games: this is another major area children love to fight each other, whether one is always winning and the other losing or that one is always holding on to the game than the rest. If not checked, this can lead to a lot of danger as reports had it recently that a 9-year-old boy in the United States shot his older sister because of a gamepad.

House chores : when it comes to doing house chores, it can easily be noticed that some children love to do them than the other. When a child finds out he/she is the only one working, it can cause a fight.

Room arrangement: some children especially when growing into adolescence love to enjoy their privacy and so when the parents decide to put them in the same room with others, there will be incessant fights.

Friends: the type of friends your children have can also be a major cause of fights in the home. If anyone of them has a friend that is always trying to paint the sibling bad, the fights may become uncontrollable.

Clothes : some children don’t like to share their clothes with anyone even though he/she is their sibling. Such children will fight anyone that trespasses to sharing their clothes with them.

If parents refuse to take note of these causes of fights among their children, it may end up becoming a stronghold that will cause disunity in the future among them.

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Alamu Tosin

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