LYRICS: Olamide – “Eni Duro”

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“Eni Duro”

Eni duro
Eni duro
Eni eni eni eni duro
Uche I’m going in, awon temi yapa ni ibi, ab I see u

is here, just like the 1st day of the year
I knock out emcces like banger then I throw them in the air
Those wey blow in a blink of an eye they disappear
The ones wey be ebu been they try to make sound but we no hear
Okay, alright, odiah, e de there
Is okay if u ain”t got ma back cause almighty de there
Mi o le sa lo o!
Ma taa ton si ibemaa tu ta kponkpon
Bi obesere papa to si ibe eni duro!
Ha ha, eni duro!
Ha ha molenu molenu molenu molenu dakuest
Like the trybe called quest
Kini”m fe lo se ni starquest
Like java I’ve got game
I’m from the project need I’ve got fame
Tell me why the ef I gats go de fill form for mtn project fame
Ah! no be say I don de proud butnkan ti
Eyan o bale gba ni olowo talika lo tin ko
Mr king kong ngbo woni e mo orin ko
Oya now aani eni ni imosan ka mu kikon
I’m good looking but my ways are so wicked
I keep pushing you to the wall
What the fuck you gon do, kosi jo e don do
I own the track baby na me go do the run through
Omo aje pako ni mi but o le tete mo lara mi
The little package way I dey package lo n je ko ma je gala mifile!
Awon ti e gan sope awon feel eeooose!
I be one man mopol I’m all by myself
When I get credit alert the cash is paid by self
Hustler l’omo mo le fi ese sa de mile twelve
I’m so ghetto any day mogbe sori bi wyclef
I’m real, I’m not as fake as you
Rappers that’s been claiming gangsta shit we don catch you
We’n ne were bi ene were
We’ni apoti esuwe’n ne ibon ofa le ne, oh yeah that’s true
I can do it slow, I can do it faster under any weather
Incase you don’t know oga na master khaki no be leather
‘N beh e’n fi araki e fe fo but e ni feather
Ki le ni ogbon ogborun kosi nkankan tolu mada yin feda
Bowunyi ki e di omo lanke won fi yin ko eru bo lati oyingbo
Oh boy! Eyan kankan o le pe afin fun emi l’oyinbo
Salute me soldier, abi o ja
O mo bose’n lo pe olomo lo ni oja
Tori woni oju ni alakon fi’n sori esun e la oju le
Ewa jeki talubo ko wo ni igba ti e nogere la enu le
Mo’n bayin wi e fe ma show ti o ye ki e fi owo bo oju be
Girl friend yin ti e’n ponle ti di oloso mi so e ka oju’n be
Moti da gobe sile, moti da gobe sile
Moti da gobe sile, ah! Moti da gobe sile
Wonja e la won, jesu e gba won
E fi ori ji emi na cause mi o momo seru bawon
Mofi won si vibration, I give them sound education
The whole of their generation is nothing but my nation
I’m the president
I find solution to their situation
And they show me appreciation but I be like don’t mention
Ha! ha! Don’t thank me thank God
Ori l’oba e se so dupe l’owo ori e na
Other boys them no get liver so they chase them outta town
I’m the last kid standing u can call me their sultan
Don’t cry me a river baby cry me a lagoon
Oba ni ki da owo jo, oba ni ki fa guun
Oju mi ti ri so many things men moti laguun
Now I’m the 5star general, yes! Emi ni ogagun
I go catch fire o! Like zaaki
Kole tan l’ara omo oba ki o ma ku dansaki
You know what it is now bere l’owo shaki
Swagger mi yato si ti sule ati razaki
I’m the one and only emcee fakers don’t wanna mess with baby
If they try to mess around me olohun I go make them hate me
Any which ways I’m cool
I can flip
I can do whatever baby
Common let me take u back to ma hood and show u how I rock
I’m dope
If you are not I’m sorry palasa, u suck
Ain’t nobody crazy like crazy, I’m crazy, I’m the bomb
Oh! you wanna get that cause I wanna get that?
Get back! Don’t try that where are from?
This is my game you know, theirs can’t get better than this you know
Not just a game, this is my way of life is why I’m hot you know
Off tha chain, back at you, ain’t nobody f with me in my zone
Aaaah! You know amma bomb if u try you go kpai
U no go blow
Ha! ha! See, I fit make the earthquake
If na kasala you want, I fit bring you that quick
If na kolomaraness, my brother make you ask me
But don’t get it twisted, I’m a gentle boy I’m out peace

Ha! ha! Eni duro asese’n mu eye bo l’apo

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