LYRICS: Niki – Anaheim

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Niki – Anaheim Below:-


If I could, I’d freeze this moment
Make it my home
You’re all I want to want to know
I can tell you mean it when you kiss me slow
But please don’t ask me, the answer’s no
In a perfect world, I’d kill to love you the loudest
But all I do is live to hurt you soundless
Say you see I’m lying babe and let this go
I can never promise you tomorrow
‘Cause I have yet to learn
How not to be his
This city will surely burn
If we keep this as it is
But I’d give anything to stop time
And drive around Anaheim at sun down
To teach my mind to put you first
Here you are, a hero
You wanna be my new home
But baby let up
I won’t ever recognize these roads
‘Cause I am lost, but not in you
Yes, I am lost, but not in you
I could spend my days studying your laugh’s melody
And I can live with myself ’cause I know the composer’s me
Babe, all I ask of you is please don’t sleep
On the bed of promises I can’t keep
‘Cause I have yet to know
How to be mine
You can try to unearth this soul
I swear you’ll hate what you find, find
But I’d give anything to stop time
Commit to you and not crimes
Against your truth and lose sight
Of every divide threatening to undo this story
But baby, I’m so sorry
I don’t think that I’ll ever memorize this route
‘Cause I am lost, but not in you
Yes, I am lost, but not in you
Ooh, ohhhh, ohh

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