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This year is gonna be different
I ain’t gon let ’em destroy me and try to ruin Christmas
I gotta hit Mariah Carey or something she got it popping
And that one song be hitting different
All I want for Christmas is you
Maybe I ask Santa for vocals
Then go door to door singing Christmas carols
To promote the song to the HooVille locals
Something viral
Somethings to distract me from my life on a downward spiral
Maybe Something Christian friendly
In line with teachings of the modern day bible
Addictive, catchy, narcissistic, for blacks, whites and lgbtq
Like Dave Chapelle funny
So I garner support from Netflix and maybe Hulu
It’s the Grinch and I’m back and I’m fucking it up
With egg nogg patron and drank in my cup
Propane to flame these rappers who sucks
With their hoe hoe hoe hoes and the sluts
Old school flow but feels brand new
Ima chip of the block and already paid my dues
Ima sick son a gun who states my views
And ain’t fucking with bots and no Mainstream news
Green mean pristeen outta control
Straight shooter just like a stripper I got a pole
Still up leave no I cannot go
Fall off? Only when I listen to J Cole
Paid self-made and slim thick too
I speak my mind even if it’s tabboo
In a world of fake where you can barely be you
You are now in tune to Grinch part 2
TikToks in
Scroll down my feed all I ever sees twerking
Couple bad women on my line hit em in the DM’s first thing
They wanna asks for is a burken
Gotta be a sign like Adam and Eve
When she took from the tree from the mouth
Of a serpent and gave it to the man as a virgin
And as a result Gods son had to carry all the burdens
On IG and it’s all violations
Guidelines based off of trolls straight hating
Some get blocked if they say vaccination
While others get to post on the timeline naked
Only fans caking these simps are amazing
Paying for some shit you can get for free
Where Pornhub will give you 10x the content
For no fee or a fraction exclusively
Man this shits a disaster
I was dating this chick who was mad I wouldn’t tag her
Daugther of a pastor
Who Wanted to be famous and rich and climb the proverbial ladder
Showed me no love till I said I was a rapper
Took my time didn’t even try to smash her
Went to mass and after her dad the pastor called me a bastard
I was shocked cuz I didn’t think pastors cussed
So looked at dude and said What the fuck
Then she slapped me and he slapped her
And ironically I ended up in cuffs
Now I’m talking to a judge who’s white as Casper
Who thinks I’m shady like Marshall Mathers
And once asks why’d I attack her
And I stand and say: Green Lives Matter
But back to the topic the flows likes a sea so sick you get nautious
The Grinch is the name and the drip is aquatic
A HooVille gangsta you better move cautious
I come from a place where they sleigh you
Then artistically wrap you in boxes
And the 6 foot drop you experience
Is down the chimney when Santa drops it
I’m highly toxic
Practically radioactive
With a slight chemical Imbalance
ADHD bipolar depression manic
With high level lactic acid contracted from covid vaxxes
From an allergic reaction I got on the 15th booster package
Not to mention ptsd episodes from failed christmas interactions
See I’m the one they said ruined christmas
But they never told you that they ruined me
What fuck did you think would happen
When you poke the bear consistently from the age of 3
I had no siblings or a family, then they put my life on TV
And chose Jim Carey to play the part instead of choosing me
I want my royalties Universal call my lawyer
You’re all fucking sick sadistic twisted misfits
This is real infringement and I’m hoping
That you all eat shit for Christmas
My life is a movie they sold to children
Intertwined with ideals from their wicked system
Where everyone’s rich off of grinches
Business but doesn’t have to deal with the criticism
So here’s what we’re gonna do
We’re gonna make a new movie
Where I’m a star and you pay me to use me
We’ll shoot it in Los Angeles where it’s super bougie
And for mainstream appeal will add unrealistic attainable boodies
We’ll add racial slurs to trigger blacks
And sexual ambiguity
Political propaganda
Then titties for continuity
Lets get famous Tik-Tokers like Charlie D and Addison Rae
And, if it is in the budget, guest appearances from
Jake Paul and Sommer Ray
Millions of views and attention
Anything to raise my CPM on YouTube
And increase my video time retention
Trending number one worldwide box office hit
Awards galore
So all the big directors sign me and I become and Industry whore
And then at that point when I’m super famous and super rich
And can actually afford to go build or go buy a bitch
And the cocaine lines that I periodically sniff
Get mixed with the gin and juice that I sip
And I become a role model to millions of kids
And lead them to depths of hell in the darkest pits to benefit
And lose myself on constants trips to reality a back
Where I’m rich but I have no one I can even share it with
Like the virus
I wanna come in like a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus
Take trips to the White House befriend Kamala and Joe Biden
Discuss policies I think we should tighten
While I text Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg about cryptocurrency
And the meta verse then take trips to Waikiki island
Viral viral viral
Gimme more
I wanna be recognized by everybody at
Whole-foods and every other wretched grocery store
I wanna lose control, have multiple baby mamas
And argue mediation over child support
With gold diggers who practice taking off
Condoms and trapping young stars like me just for sport
I wanna be an idol, worshipped by society
Who’s perfect to the public
But hates himself privately, who can’t look in the mirror
And is screaming but quietly
And can afford to go anywhere
But doesn’t because of anxiety
Anti social, global, tycoon multi billion dollar ceo sex mogul
Cover of Forbes court side lakers games right beside Frank Vogul
Friends with LeBron cp3 Dwayne Wade and movie stars like Will Smith
The Rock, Angelina Jolie and if she approves Brad Pitt
I Want to be viral
Off the charts
Exponentially big enough to cloud my black heart
Judgment and mind so I can’t
Even go and find peace within my current life
So viral that I lose my mind
So viral that I can’t hide
So viral I convince myself
That the only escape is suicide
I want to be viral
At any cost
I don’t care who gets hurt or the lives lost
Cuz they hurt me first
So I deserve this
I’m the victim
And everyone talks but few hear and none listen
So this Christmas
It’s my turn, let me shine
You wanna be viral too?
Well wait in line
The whole world does
Can’t you see it’s not just me
I’m just the Grinch and all I ever did wrong was be born green
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