LYRICS: Dax – Fire In The Booth Pt2

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Dax – Fire In The Booth Pt2 Lyrics below:-



Don’t tell me shit, I already know
Where I’m at is a reflection of my work grid, hunger and my thirst
I was told that you reap with your soul
And that your dreams are just dreams till you sit down and you write out your goals
I remember I was 10 years old, shooting jumpers in the Canada cold
No gym I had to shovel the snow, now I travel the globe
UK for a couple of shows, I can’t fall I stand on my toes
Oh I’m different now?
I ain’t changed, you changed, I’m the same, I just got more chains
Stop stressing about fans that I could not change
Stop tryna change people that I could not change, yeah
Now it’s lamb or with the steak
I got to fuck her with a condom, cause I got to much estate
Got off tour the other day it was like 55 shows
35 states, man I need a motherfucking break, but I can’t take one
If I don’t work, who does?
I don’t care about your booth in the club
I don’t care about a thing you gotta say unless it’s keeping all the people that I love from what they once was
Man, why do they judge?
We are one and the same
I spread my wings took off like a plane
I ain’t stressin’ ’bout the hate
The divide is the price you pay
To be real you have to deal with the fake
These people mad ’cause I change name stop hooping
Had to change lanes, subbed in to the game, made the game changed
My bitch cheated, I can’t even find a main thing
Now I be fucking bitches only ’cause I have to maintain
Stuck inside a maze man
Every bitch I meet is just the same thing
Doesn’t know me since I am amazing
Then we get to talking I find out that she’s a liar
Only wants me for my money, so we play the blame game, fuck
Life is a trip, anything that comes quick, you lose quick
You could try to push your views on someone but if it isn’t for them
No money in the world’s gonna make it stick
I done seen both sides of the fence
Same poeple that lied, I used to let them vent
Turn around and give ’em money for rent
So when I say that I’m mad, yes nigga it does make sense
Nah, I ain’t different, it’s just the shit around me
I was lit when these motherfuckers found me
Couple people tried to drown me
But how you gonna drown me?
It’s my wave nigga get the fuck from around me
These people been sleep and if they awake they drouzy
Rain on my parade you cloudy
Why could y’all doubt me?
Man how could y’all doubt me, it’s Dax


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