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, drummer and co-founder of Marlene Kuntz, has passed away at the age of 54.

What Happened to Luca Bergia?

The world of rock was shocked by the death of Luca Bergia, the historic founder and drummer of Marlene Kuntz. He was 54 years old and was found lifeless this morning (Thursday 23 March), in his home in Cuneo. He had recently retired from the music scene – at the end of 2020 – and since then, he had become a science teacher in middle school

The date of the funeral is to be established, which will be celebrated in strictly private form.

Luca Bergia Cause of Death

He was found dead Thursday morning in his apartment in Cuneo. Bergia died at his home on the morning of March 23, 2023, at the age of 54. Luca Bergia was 54 years old, a historic drummer and founder of Marlene Kuntziconic's band of the Italian independent scene.

Luca left behind two children, Tommaso and Alessandro, as well as his brother Antonello and sister Elisabetta. The date of the funeral is to be determined. The causes of death are not known at the moment. As soon as the news came out, Friends and families are pouring condolence on Social Media.

Luca Bergia Drummer and Founder of Marlene Kunz

Luca Bergia, who is originally from the Granda capital, has been playing the drums and percussion with remarkable skill since he was a little child. He also has a deep enthusiasm for music and a fascination with biology. The original Marlene Kuntz lineup was created in 1988 by guitarists Riccardo Tesio and Bergia.

At Bergia's home, they frequently got together with other musician pals. Bassist Franco Ballatore joined the group that winter, and they were able to find a practice space in Confreria di Cuneo. Cristiano Godano, a vocalist and guitarist who joined the group in 1989, became the group's frontman in 1994 and wrote the album's lyrical masterpiece, “Catartica,” which helped push them onto major national stages.

A long and brilliant career, hundreds of live concerts, with Luca Bergia firmly on drums and star of 10 studio albums, the last one recorded in 2016 (“Long wait”). From there, for the first time, a European club tour in Paris, Brussels, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Italy, with participation in the May Day concert in Rome. In between, many performances throughout Italy, abroad, and the Sanremo 2012 competition with the song “Canzone per un figli”, collaborations with Patti Smith, Skin, Howie B, Rob Ellis, Greg Cohen, Paolo Conte, at the Biennale of Venice and Teatro Stabile of Turin.

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Covid Impacted Bergia

In 2020, after Covid, Bergia left the rock group to devote himself to teaching and changing his life. Science teacher at the middle schools of Madonna dell'Olmo di Cuneo and Chiusa Pesio, where he was much loved and respected by his students and colleagues. Sergio Carnevale replaced him in the Marines, who had recorded the latest album “Karma Clima”, released in 2022.

Bergia had written a long message to fans on his Facebook profile, to clarify the reasons behind his exit from the band.

it's been a while since we've heard from each other and therefore it seems right and natural to me, given that the time is ripe, to tell you a little about what has happened in recent months. I'll go straight to the point: I'm doing very well and I'm very excited by having projected myself into a new phase of my existence. But I'll do a quick rewind and start from the point where we left off, that is the end of the celebratory tour 30/20/10 at the dawn of the eleventh album by Marlene. Bergia came out of that tour exhausted, disoriented, and devoid of mental and creative energies.

I needed to pull the plug and take a year off (which would later become two) to get back on my feet both physically and psychologically: this is the origin of the generic “personal reasons” that we communicated to you at the time. Luca needed time and the right calm to be able to answer the unexpected questions that were becoming more and more pressing and urgent in my mind. And when my life brothers asked me whether or not I would be there to work on the new project, I answered in these terms, denouncing my bewilderment. But almost immediately I said no.

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And I thank Cristiano and Riccardo who understood and allowed me to put everything on standby to give me time that was mine alone. Know thyself said Socrates…it was what I had to do: a serious examination of conscience, an introspective journey that would touch the deepest, unfathomable, and unknown chords of my soul. It answers to uncomfortable questions that until then I had tried to push away. Honestly, I didn't feel ready, either physically or creatively, to face yet another crucial album: on one side the precipice of failure, on the other a hoped-for success, for what such an inconsistent word could mean nowadays. There have never been artistic contrasts between us, as perhaps some of you may have imagined, at the basis of my stop. Not even with regard to the concept: I supported and contributed to the project in its embryonic stage and later, in my small way, I started teaching scientific subjects in middle school precisely on issues concerning environmental sustainability and ecological transition. Just starting from that experience I felt great gratification and a renewed enthusiasm for telling and teaching in my new guise. A pleasantly cathartic sensation of rebirth.

And honestly, it's a bit of what I would like to do in my short-term future, clearly musical appearances are not excluded, we'll see. So that's all for now, thanks to those who have been willing to follow me, I hope I have resolved some of your unknowns or removed inappropriate concerns. Therefore, I wish you a good life and I embrace my biscuits in a vigorous and sincere embrace of love, respect, and gratitude”.

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