Leaders Of Tomorrow Are Youths Whose Action, Thought And Will Show Remarkable Growth By Seyi Oyetunbi

Prof Wole Soyinka, Mr Femi Falana (SAN), Dr Joe Igbokwe, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Mr Dede Mabiaku, Aisha Yusufu and others were out, fiercely protesting just a day after the hike in petrol price. These concerned individuals occupied Nigeria on the 2nd of January, 2012 following the removal of subsidy which came in as a worrisome New Year gift. Many of those, who led and participated in the Occupy Nigeria mass action are now old, tired and deserve to ceremoniously retire from aluta and its activities.

Sadly, eight years after, things have become worse. We’ve seen and felt 10 times of every atom of malgovernance and maladministraion of the Jonathanian administration that prompted the mass action tagged Occupy Nigeria. Funnily enough, many of us, youths in the age bracket of 20 – 40, still want and expect the protestors of eight years ago to lead another. It is not only disappointing, it is shameful and mortifying.

A good number of the 2012 fighters of good governance paid through their noses for the democracy we have today. Its sustenance and timely critique should not be a thing for them to shoulder; not at their age. What are we doing, in all honesty, for our today and the today-of-our-children (our tomorrow)? With a numerical strength, an alarming number of youths amounts to laziness wrapped up in filthy selfishness and cowardice. The youths often run away to come again another day to meet the battered Nigeria in the hands of the plonkers sitting at the helm of affairs as they (rulers) have perfected the art of dissuading the naive youth of doing that which matters.

We can’t continue to mind our non-existing businesses, pretending not to be part of the failing Nigeria. The lifeline the Buhari led administration has enjoyed so far is the illogical acceptance of the governed to be ruled, subjugated and dragooned into the depth of poverty through their troubling silence. Right before our noses the unskilled 774,000 job creation is stalled over an obvious selfish agenda. The feigned disagreement between the parties involved in the job creation is yet another crystal clear testimony that we only have a government who creates problem for every problem, and as usual the masses (mostly youths) suffer for it. This is just a bit of the mammoth failure we’ve experienced since over 5years of this administration.

We don’t need Mr Falana, Prof Soyinka and others for a protest. Comrade Sowore is just a leg into 50, hence we don’t need him to beat the drum of revolution that should be hung on our necks. What we need as youths of a failed state or nation state is to muster our anger, frustration and determination just as it has happened in Sudan, China, Algeria and many other countries, and put an end to this misrule in its entirety.
Paul Wellstone opined that “politics is not predictions and politics is not observations. Politics is what we do. Politics is what we do, politics is what we create, by what we work for, by what we hope for and what we dare to imagine.”

Our silence is accelerating the destruction of what we call nation. And these rulers don’t care, as much as we we don’t care either. The youths need to be up for a mass action frightening than Occupy Nigeria and the aborted Revolution Now, to say ‘enough is enough’

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