It is absurd that our governmental arm placed with the mantle of enacting law has only turned out to be mischievous in . With such great autonomy vested upon the legislature, it is a thing of shame that our have abused the legislative process.

Today in our legislative Houses, the Mace of honor has been made a thuggery tool, which is subject to snatching or attack.

The legislature is one arm of Government that should be a role model and hope to citizens because citizens strongly believe in their ability to pass bills that bring about improvement in their lives.

We must recall this even though we’ve know it in the past, that the executives should only work with the directives based on bills passed by the legislature, and much power is vested upon the legislature as it can review and impeach an executive holder, been a President, or Governor.

Even though today our legislators dance to the tone of the executives, as if that is not enough, our legislators have made our assembly houses centers of LAWBREAKING and BOXING.

It happened at the federal level, those involved went free, and it’s now happening at State levels, should this continue and legislators involve go free? Have it now become a bill that there must be wrestling or boxing in our Assembly Houses?

This must be brought to an end because it’s not just a shame to the legislators, the state or nation but also a shame to every citizen and historical shame to the yet unborn.

Our legislative arm must pass an urgent bill into law that “any lawmaker that abuses the process, the mace or the assembly should be subjected to an un-negotiated termination from the house constitutionally as a law maker.”

Our lawmakers must not be wrestlers and lawbreakers or turn our Assembly Houses to boxing rings.

The bill must be passed now and no offender should go unpunished. No lawmaker should break laws they make.

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