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Lagos Chef Arrested For Allegedly Sedating His Employers and Stealing From Them

A chef has been arrested for allegedly sedating and stealing from his employers in some high-brow area of Lagos state.

The chef who has been identified as is accustomed to taking up jobs with the sole aim of stealing from them.

According to a post by the police, it was revealed that Wilfred heavily debates his employers with “Benzodiazepines” and steals from the afterward.

He specialized in picking his victims from areas like Ikoyi, Banana Island, and Parkview in Lagos.

A post shared by SP Benjamin reads:

would take up a job ascook/chef, heavily sed to his employers with Benzodiazepines and steal their valuables. He has done this to different victims, over years, in lkoyi, Banana Island and Parkview.

Some of his past victims have come forward to identify him. Have you been a victim? If yes, proceed to lkoyi Police Division for further necessary action.

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