Lady Slashes Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Neck With Razor Blade In Delta (Graphic Photos)

A young man was rushed to the hospital in Delta after his ex-girlfriend slashed his neck with Razor blade.

According to report, the man had already broken up with the girl who is said to still have interest in him.

The girl was alleged to have been reporting the guy to his mother and sisters which made him more unhappy with her.

The young man reportedly warned her not to report him to his family again since they are no longer together.

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He allegedy told her that if she tries that again he will slap her. The girl told him he can’t slap her.

To prove his point, the young man gave the girl a hot slap only for her to retaliate by attacking him with a razor blade which she used in cutting him around the neck region.

The wounded man was rushed to St. James Hospital, Amukpe for treatment.

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The condition of the girl involved is yet to be ascertained as to whether she has been arrested.


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