Lady Laments After Being Assaulted For Cheating By Husband Who Cheated On Her 11 Times

Lady laments after allegedly being maltreated by her husband for cheating despite the fact he’s been unfaithful 11 times within the four years they’ve been married.

According to the lady who shared her sad tale on a relationship therapy platform, she had forgiven her husband all eleven times he had been unfaithful – even when he had an affair with her cousin.

However, when she and some of her friends had gone out on a weekend, she revealed that things had gotten out of hand and she became intimate with another man.

She and her friend had chatted about their tryst on WhatsApp and she had forgotten to clear the chat which led to her husband finding out.

The narrator reveals that her husband assaulted her because of it and has threatened to divorce her over her infidelity.

She posted a rhetorical question about why men are they way they are since she had forgiven him the eleven times she caught him being unfaithful.

See her post below;

Lady cheating Boyfriend

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