Kimberly Atkins Husband: Meet Greg Stohr

Greg Stohr is a pioneering American reporter and novelist. He has done well in the course of his work and is still kicking. He is an amazing young man who is determined to have and own what he worked and wishes for.

Greg Stohr Biography

The famous Journalist’s husband, Greg Stohr was born on December 6, 1966. He is one of those celebs who are open and shares a lot about himself. He doesn’t pretend to be happy when he isn’t. Greg is such a good and God-fearing man who does everything in his power to get what he wants but he does it in the right way.

He is the son of Dick and Carolyn Stohr. He is one of four children of his parents. It is known that he has siblings but none of them is known by the general public. His mother was a psychology professor but the work his dad does isn’t. Carolyn his mother, passed away in 2019. Not much is known about the cause of her death as at now. Peggy, Kathy, and Karen are Greg Stohr’s siblings.

He is believed to have a good academical background and as he has such an outstanding figure. He is thought of acquiring a good educational background and is doing well for himself as at now. He graduated from Saint Joseph Louis University with a bachelor of Arts in orientation and government and from Harvard Law school with a Doctor of Law. Stohr worked as a lecturer, law representative, and press secretary before returning to newscasting and asserting.

Greg Stohr Age

How old is Greg Stohr? Greg Stohr was born in the United States of America. he is doing well for himself and has made quite a good name for himself. He is doing well for himself as at now and also his family and career. Greg is determined and goes straight to what he wants. He was on December 6, 1966, in the United States of America. He is currently 56 years of age as of March 13, 2023. His sun sign is Sagittarius and he will turn 57 years old on December 6, 2023. He is growing and he is taking care of himself very well since he is approaching the peak of his age.

Greg Stohr Height and Weight

There is no information about his height and weight. As said before, he is a secretive person and so doesn’t share much about himself with the media despite been a media personality. Buh its believed that he stands at a normal height and has a normal weight. And also, any information with respect to his physique is not known at the moment. He has decided to keep a low profile and not in any position to share stuffs about himself with the media yet.

Greg Stohr Nationality and Ethnicity

He is believed to be given birth to in the United States of America but the actual state he was given birth to that is his hometown is not known at the moment. Greg has kept everything cool and doesn’t not rush in sharing his personal life with his fans and loved ones. He is an American by birth and also his faith that is to do with the religion he joins is not known at the moment. Talking about his ethnicity, he has kept everything cool and so nothing is known about his descent. Not much information was been gathered about his parents so makes it complicated to known his ethnicity.

Greg Stohr Career

What is Greg Stohr’s profession? Though he does not have a Wikipedia entry, but he is a huge figure in the news and entertainment industry. He earned his BA in political science and government from St. Louis University in 1989. The same year, he began working for Rep. Tom Campbell’s office in Washington, DC, as press secretary, a position he held until 1992. He is now a well-known journalist and a writer who has written countless books and published them. He is doing well now in his work and is well known for that.

Greg Stohr Wife

Who is Greg Stohr married to? Greg Stohr is married to Kimberly Atkins and they are still together. There is no information about his marital life. When and where he married is not known at the moment.

Greg Stohr Children

Does Greg Stohr have kids? Yes, he has two sons with his old marriage. As for the now, he has no child with his kid with his new and current wife.

Greg Stohr Net Worth

Greg Stohr is one of those celebs who don’t share information about their economical status to the media. He has kept his net worth to himself and hasn’t shared anything about it to the media as of now. He is a bit secretive and does not share some vital information about his financial status with the media. Greg is thought of having a good income to his credit. He has earned money from his journalism career and also his novel. He has accumulated quite a fortune to his credit.

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