Kim Carton Biography: Age, Height, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Children

Kim Carton Biography, Age, Height, Career, Husband, Net Worth, Children – Kim Carton, born in 1975, is a popular American celebrity, internet personality, and the former wife of the famous sports host, Craig Carton. Craig is the host of the well-known program “Boomer and Carton Sports Radio” on WFAN (AM) in New York City. Her spouse holds a prominent position as one of the most influential hosts in the American broadcasting landscape.


Name: Kim Carton
Date of Birth: 1975
Husband/Spouse: Craig Carton (div)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Internet Personality
Net Worth: $4 million

Kim Carton Early Life and Education

Born in 1975 in Huntington Valley, Pennsylvania, USA, Kim Carton’s current age as of 2022 stands at 47 years.

Hailing from Huntington Valley, Kim Carton identifies with the Caucasian ethnicity. Despite her roots, Kim maintains a strong sense of privacy, eschewing even the presence of a social media account. As a result, obtaining personal insights into Kim Carton’s life proves challenging.

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Unfortunately, information about her parents and siblings remains elusive. We will share this information once it’s obtained from credible sources.

Notably, Craig made an appearance in the HBO documentary “Wild Card: The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth” some years ago. The documentary delved into personal lives, including details about spouses and children.

However, when Craig participated, Kim took a different stance, explicitly expressing her and her children’s non-participation. She requested that Craig refrain from disclosing any of her personal information to the media.

Kim Carton Career

Kim Carton established herself as a clothing entrepreneur when she inaugurated “The Valley” store in 2013. Can you recall her place of origin?

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Indeed, you’re correct; Kim Carton chose Huntington Valley as the inspiration behind the store’s name, aiming to honor and celebrate her hometown. Thus, in a gesture of homage to her roots, she christened her clothing boutique “The Valley.”

Behind the inception of “The Valley” clothing store lies an intriguing tale:

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc along the American coastline, uprooting countless lives. Among the hurricane’s victims was Kim Carton’s acquaintance, Jackie Brookstein, a business-savvy individual.

Seizing the opportunity, Kim and Jackie joined forces, revamping their business approach. Their collaboration gave birth to the concept of a boutique, and they unveiled “Valley” within the New York Tribe.

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By 2013, the boutique was up and running, specializing in everyday casual attire. The enterprise gained traction within a short span of time.

As the clothing store gained popularity, it attracted a significant number of visitors, including restaurateurs.

Given that arduous shopping often leaves people seeking refreshment, the presence of thriving restaurants in shopping malls naturally emerged to cater to this demand.

Kim Carton Husband

Craig Carton, a prominent figure, was once married to Kim Carton. Their introduction occurred through a mutual friend, sparking a connection that led to love and eventual matrimony.

Unfortunately, the precise date of their wedding remains undisclosed. Following Craig’s incarceration, Kim pursued a divorce, culminating in their separation in 2019.

Kim and Craig Carton were bestowed with the joys of parenthood, raising three sons named Lucky Carton, Anthony Carton, and Sonny Carton. Additionally, they have a daughter, Mickey Carton.

Kim Carton Net Worth

Kim Carton has a net worth of $4 million. She is a prominent American internet personality and model.


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