Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story

Hannah Anderson was abducted alongside her mother and brother by DiMaggio, a family friend on August 3, 2013. James Lee DiMaggio killed Hannah’s mother and brother and burnt down the house the act was committed. Upon investigations by the FBI, DiMaggio’s hideout was discovered and Hannah was rescued. DiMaggio however died from a shootout that ensued between himself and the feds.

Who is Hannah Anderson?

Hannah Marie Anderson was born on the 22nd of July, 1997 in California, United States. Her parents were Brett Anderson and Christina Anderson. She had a brother Ethan Anderson. She was a student of Sweetwater High School in National City, California and a cheerleader. On August 3, 2010 she was accompanied by her mother Christina and brother Ethan for a cheerleading practice at Sweetwater High School.

As always, DiMaggio her father’s good friend came to pick them up and ended up abducting the three. DiMaggio killed mother and son leaving daughter because her had feelings for her. The two murders took place at 2071 Ross Avenue, Boulevard, California. After killing Christina and her son, he burned down house and made away with Hannah to Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho where he hid until she was found by the FBI a week later.

DiMaggio’s reason for abducting and killing Hannah’s mother and brother is still a mystery because he was killed in a shootout. Hannah’s friends attested to the fact she never wanted to be left alone with DiMaggio as his conversations were mostly sensual. This made her so uncomfortable around her later abductor. Hannah was a student and a cheerleader at the time she was abducted.

Hannah Anderson’s Age, Height and Weight

She is 25 years now. On the night she was abducted alongside her mother and brother who were killed on August 3, 2013 she was 16 years old. Information about her height and weight are unknown.

Hannah Anderson’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Hannah Anderson is an American and she is white.

Hannah Anderson’s Career

What is Hannah Anderson’s profession? Hannah was a young college student and she is a cheerleader.

How long was Hannah Anderson kidnapped for?

Hannah Anderson was abducted for a week. She, her mother and brother were kidnapped by DiMaggio on the night after her cheerleading practice. Her mother and brother were killed but she was rescued after a week of being abducted.

Where is Hannah Anderson dad now?

After the murders of Hannah’s mother and brother, her father has returned from Tennessee to San Diego to take care of his daughter. He quit his job so to make this switch and be with his only surviving child from DiMaggio’s horror.

Who found Hannah Anderson?

FBI agents were the law enforvement agency who found and rescued Anderson in Cascade, Idaho on August 10 after an AMBER alert was issued. On reaching DiMaggio’s hideout, he opened fire on the FBI who returned the shots. DiMaggio died in the crossfire at the Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness

What happened to Hannah Anderson’s mom and brother?

Anderson’s mom Christina Anderson, and her brother Ethan Anderson were found dead in DiMaggio’s burned home. The two together with their dead were murdered by their abductor.

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