Ki Joko Bodo Biography, Cause of Death, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Nationality

Ki Joko Bodo Death Cause: A former psychic and actor Ki Joko Bodo passed away at the age of 57.

What Happened to Ki Joko Bodo?

Ki Joko Bodo reportedly died today, Tuesday (22/11), at the age of 47. This news is justified by Ki Joko Bodo’s daughter, Ayda Prasasti.

“Yes (actually, died),” said Ayda, as quoted from Hot Moments, Tuesday (22/11). The man originally named Agus Yulianto is known as a paranormal.

However, he is known to have retired from the activity and decided to migrate in 2019.

Ki Joko Bodo Cause of Death

On the same occasion, Sasti emphasized that his father died due to illness. He previously had a history of high blood pressure, aka hypertension.

Even Ki Joko Bodo is scheduled to go to the doctor for a health check on Thursday (11/24). However, fate said otherwise. “I have high blood pressure. My father has a control schedule on Thursday (tomorrow), but he left earlier,” said Sasti.

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“I don’t want it, for example, if there is bad news. My father is sick, it’s time. Don’t make bad reports,” Sasti ordered. Ki Joko Bodo is known as an eccentric psychic but then decided to leave the profession several years ago.


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Who is Ki Joko Bodo?

Ki Joko Bodo is a shaman from Indonesia the craziest shaman in the world because he has managed black magic using fire from Wongsinting Castle, Jakarta. He had to divide spells the Ketik REG Spasi MANTRA from 1945 until 1984.

Although known as Ki Joko Bodo, the man who was born in 1964 in Singaraja, Bali, has the real name Agus Yulianto. Since childhood, Agus has been familiar with various physical and mental sciences.

He then began to explore science as a profession. Until then, he changed his name to Ki Joko Bodo and was widely known for handling various problems such as fate, the economy, and business.

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Slowly, the name Ki Joko Bodo was no longer popular in the entertainment world since entering the 2010s. In 2014, he returned to the spotlight after deciding to leave the paranormal world to move.

Outside of professional matters, Agus Yulianto is known to have been married several times and stumbled upon a case of domestic violence in 2011. However, his fourth wife, N Kadek Leli Mariati, withdrew the report.

Ki Joko Bodo Early Life

He wasn’t born naturally; instead, he was the result of an experiment by Dr. Poch, 82.091.731.378.426.248, which had already produced clay chunks combined with chemicals and bacon, pasted fur strands, and false eyes. The experiment was a complete failure.

He then started a rope fire, which caused the laboratory to explode with a radius of 876 723 cubic meters. Clay particles traveled at a speed of 6907 km/h and reached altitudes of up to 8409 km.

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When Rhoma Irama was battling Barney, Pikachu helped every time a problem came up until one of their positions relating to the chunk vanished and they moved to the dimensions of the 15th before the chunk exploded into a handcrafted baby.

Up until 2,6 million years ago, the only dynasty that lived there was the Gendeng Dynasty, which later built from hermitages and spawned from mineshafts to produce their offspring.

His name was changed to Ki Joko Gendeng (in early). Unfortunately, he killed most of his youngest son, Bayu Gendeng, in a fit of rage following the mixing of oil and nails in Nasi Goreng.

To avoid being joined at the Bayu for Disappearing, Ki Gendheng Pamungkas is battling a cheat from The Sims that then sends it back to reality via Facebook. After that, Ki Joko was labeled as foolish after recalling that the level was too naughty.

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