Jason gutterman Net Worth: Age, Biography, Career, Wife, Children

Successful investor and entrepreneur Jason Gutterman is well-known in the business community. He is also renowned for his creative investment strategy and his ardent desire to see others thrive.

Jason Gutterman is renowned for producing videos for his Amagansett Press YouTube channel, which has over 350K Subscribers. Jason also gained a lot of attention recently when he was detained in Bay County for breaching the First Amendment.


Name: Jason Gutterman
Age: 52 years
Wife: Dulce Maria Gutterman
Date of Birth: 1970
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $5 Million – $50 Million

Jason Gutterman Early Life

In New York City, Jason Gutterman was born in 1972. He attended the Wharton School of Business and has subsequently achieved success as an investor and entrepreneur.

Jason Gutterman Career

Jason Gutterman is a well-known photographer with a gift for taking stunning pictures. In numerous newspapers and journals, his work has been highlighted.

Additionally, he gained popularity mostly through his YouTube channel Amagansett Press, where he posted the first video titled “Alan Alda at Kmart – POLICE CALLED – Security Fails to ID – First Amendment Audit 1.”

When he saw how well received this video was, he began posting more of them, mostly about Amendment Audits.

Through his YouTube channel, Jason’s enthusiasm for street photography and videography is evident.

His channel currently has more than 368K subscribers, and up to this point, he has uploaded more than 415 videos there.

Every week, he consistently publishes two to three videos. Additionally, “YOU’RE BEING ARRESTED – Turn The Camera Off – East Hampton Police – First Amendment Audit 47,” the most popular video on his channel, having received more than 4 Million views.

Jason is permanently residing in the RV so he can travel and pursue his photographic career.

He has already covered more than 90,000 miles.

For his channel Amagansett Press, Jason has a Patreon page where his viewers can join and support his work. He provides the three memberships listed below:

  • AP Supporter: This subscription comes at a $5 monthly cost.
  • AP Activist: A monthly membership fee of $10 is required.
  • AP Advocate: The monthly fee for this membership is $25.

His Patreon subscription has so far been purchased by 12, and he receives $161 every month from it.

Additionally, Jason Gutterman manages a $20,000 GoFundMe campaign called Help Keep Amagansett Press on the road. He has currently raised almost $15,000.

Jason Gutterman Wife and Children

The name of Jason’s wife is Dulce Maria Gutterman, and they are married. Additionally, the couple has two kids. He has a kid by the name of Benjamin Gutterman. The name of his other child is not in the public domain.

Jason Gutterman Contoversy

Jason Gutterman was detained in November 2021 without respect for his First Amendment rights.

Outside the UPS Customer Center at 3205 Minnesota Ave, across from Mosley High School, he and his son, 17, were both taken into custody.

But his son was neither incarcerated nor given a criminal charge.

Furthermore, Jason Gutterman channel has the complete video of this incident.

Jason Gutterman Net Worth

Jason Gutterman is one of the richest businessmen in the United States with a net worth of almost $200 million.

His investments in various businesses and his venture capital firm have helped him amass his wealth.

In addition, he is a generous philanthropist who has given millions to causes and organizations all around the world.

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